Friday, June 29, 2007

About Mr. Manners

"No government in the political history had been ever so respectful, tolerant, patient, and compliant with the Constitution and the laws as the current government."

-Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Rodríguez

Uh-uhmm yeah... they are so, so, so respectful, that the government of Brazil is asking Chavez to apologize for offending the Brazil's senate otherwise they won't endorse Venezuelan entry to Mercosur.

"The process is likely to be delayed, following Chávez recent offenses against the Senate, which he branded as "a parrot that repeats anything Washington says."

"The Parrots" from Brazil were protesting against the blatant abuse of Chavez to close RCTV, Venezuela's biggest and most watched TV channel.

Well, if he said that to the senators of Brazil, just imagine the way Chavistas treat the defenseless citizens inside Venezuela who signed a recall against him and that they are marked on the Tascon and Maisanta List. From getting a passport, to a federal job inteview, or any government license that poor Venezuelan mortals have to get from THEIR employees, their government.

Chavez, in the meantime is travelling to Russia (also Belarus and Iran), where its visit has been put under the carpet (he he, you). Chavez said he is not interested in "joining an old Mercosur." The funny thing is that he ONLY wants to join Mercosur to make it as a anti-yankee platform.

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