Friday, June 22, 2007

One cool dictator

This story happened a few years ago. There was a time... a cool dictator named Fidel and a gay wedding photographer living the single life in a pretty nice loft in the super trendy Little Italy downtown section of San Diego. We went to see his suberb portfolio, very talented, nice guy. We were having a very nice chat when suddenly we spotted the picts of his trip to Cuba in his portfolio. Very nice, artistic, color, sepia, and B&W picts of 1959 cars, deteriorated buildings and people. Beautiful pictures. We said to him, "Beautiful pictures X, you are so talented, but hey look at those cars and buildings, it looks like the last time they received a coat of paint was in Dec, 1958, how terrible the way they live!".

This is not a pict of this photographer. I took it from the Real Cuba, but, the pictures on his portfolio were something like this. You know the drill, little dusty poor children smiling to the camara, the old looking car in B&W, the poor black girl with the nice body, etc.

To this, the guy responded, nah, it's not like that, Fidel is a cool dictator. Wait a minute, WHAT? Did I hear right? A cool dictator! I didn't know if to burst into nervous laughs, or said something to him. My bf, husband now looked at me and after that he became very quiet, his face turned so red though. After some chit-chat about the wedding details, his work, how much he charges (very pricy, you won't believe btw), we left. After we said goodbye, thanks, etc... just as the guy closed the door, my husband shouted very loud, "This is ridiculous, if he were a Cuban, he would be dead, or in prision, since he is gay! Does he know the way gay people live there?"... I just wanted to leave, didn't wanted the guy open the door and engaging into any discusion. He didn't open the door though (wonder why). And, hubby kept talking very loud going down the stairs, "a cool dictator, a COOL DICTATOR? Do you think gay photographers charge so much in a Cuban wedding?". Of course not, that is if a gay guy would have that job without being harassed by the party and put in jail. A little story that the last post reminded me of. They are all the same. It's fun to be from the left when one live the life of comfort in NYC, London or Southern California. Pure Rubbish!

I don't have to say that he didn't do our wedding picts after all, uh?

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