Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Venezuelan Foreign Ministry complains about Japanese ambassador

Japanese Ambassador to Venezuela Yasuo Matsui:

"We, Japanese, are more socialist that Chávez. The key is not whether a government is capitalist or socialist, but the way to organize people in order to be more cost-effective and overcome poverty. Therefore, we would like to see how the president faces a mixed economy,"

The question is, why the defiance attitude of Chavismo towards this comment? Are they afraid of something? I see it as a perfectly clear, articulate, smart commentary on why he thinks the Japanese are socialists. Not that long ago, one of the clowns of Chavez's entourage in the government said something like that we, Venezuelans, need to talk more and more about socialism, and that we have to be not afraid of this world. So, what's the problem with ambassador Matsui talking about socialism then? Can Venezuelans talk or not talk about socialism, Mr. "Presidente"?

Could be that the only ones who actually can talk about socialism are the Chavistas? Are they gonna prove ambassador Masui that his comments are wrong? That Japanese are not cost-effective people?

According to our shining star on Foreign affair, Nicolas Maduro, (bus driver by trade, happened to win the lottery becoming a Chavist and named into this position only because he is loyal to Chavez), any foreigner won't be able to talk about internal affairs by a new Real cédula (Royal decree) from the brilliant minds of the Chavismo. But Chavez indeed have the big mouth to talk about Bush in Harlen, about Garcia in Perú, about anything under the sun whenever he goes, to kiss the Queen of England on her cheek, etc etc... and the world laughs about it. How cute. says this morning that the first expulsion order of a foreigner is ready to be signed today. And the lucky winner is the Mexican Manuel Espino, leader of the PAN party, who happened to be in Caracas invited by Copei Party (of Venezuela) to talk in a forum about democracy. What irritated the government was Mr. Espino's comments about the constitutional reform that Chavez has under the sleeve.

Taiwan is also under the scrutiny of the regime, Chavismo has decided not to renew the visas of some of their diplomats, probably under China's preassure.

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