Friday, August 10, 2007

"Adolescentos y adolescentas"

In the video that I posted yesterday, you can note Chavez's calling Argentinians, "Argentinos y Argentinas". While this is not bad Spanish grammar per se, the fact that Chavez and his group of thugs denied to use the neutral gender "Argentinos" for the same purpose, is bad use of Spanish grammar.

Chavez speech is known, besides his purposeful very bad English pronunciation, to do this specific gender calling every time he refers to a group, "Argentinos y argentinas, niños y niñas, venezolanos y venezolanas,..." Que fastidio chico!! While I am not Mrs. Grammar, this drives me totally insane, I can't stand hearing the Chavistas using the "Venezolanos y Venezolanas, cuidadanos y cuidadanas, parlamentarios y parlamentarias". Once again, Chavismo takes the lead into developing wet water.

Chavez even established the official use of this Chavista grammar mutation on the 1999 constitution, that one he refers to "la bicha" and that he wants to reform again. The Chavista logic behind this waste of proper education, time and paper, is the false pretense that the neutral gender in Spanish grammar, because it is used in its masculine form, is somehow discriminatory to the ladies. In fact, it's not, we know is not, it is only a way to use one word and people understand that it refers to both feminine and masculine. And, it's been like that forever. Yes, he created an constitutional amendment establishing the official use of this complicated use of Spanish grammar.

Of course, it can be written in the constitution 700 times, people are not using this changes because it is a mess.

About this matter, I found this very good comentary in Jorge Letralia about this.

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