Monday, August 27, 2007

Hugo Chavez: It's nothing personal...

I was reading Daniel's great post about Hugo's speech from yesterday's "Aló Presidente", and found this pearl thanks to a link he posted from Radio Nacional de Venezuela.

You listen to Pharaoh Hugo I from his own words.

"Nothing personal, the continue reelection is nothing personal, it's my own political view. I like to collect political views, and everybody in my political party agrees with this, and I am sure it's also the same view of the PUS party, as well as I am sure it is also the view of the governors and mayors, this is also their political view as well".

Okaayyy.... Where does Chavez shop around for his collection of political views? In ebay? How come he is that sure that everybody in his party is in agreement with the perpetual reelection of Hugo Chavez? Don't you think all those Chavista governors have some political and personal aspirations? You know, Chavistas can decorate this as much as you like, but the truth of the matter is that indefinite reelection is only for Chavez to perpetuate himself "legally" per secula seculorum.

Also, in the written note by the same agency (RNV), Chavez makes proud of his known ignorance about foreign state affairs, answering a question from Rory Carroll of The Guardian (who, by the way, wrote this great article about Loony Chavez) about Chavez's quest for continue elections, the only thing he cannot get away as per today:

"... el Presidente Chávez recordó que en Europa se dice que él se quiere perpetuar en el Poder con esta figura. "Andan los periodistas europeos como locos. Chávez se quiere perpetuar y allá tienen reyes todavía, reinas que no elige nadie, de carácter hereditario y son los Jefes de Estado. En Gran Bretaña los primeros ministros pueden ser reelegidos cuantas veces el pueblo lo quiere reelegir y están preocupados porque aquí se quiere implementar por consideración del pueblo", señaló."

It goes more or less like this, Chavez pointed out to the European journalist about the continuity of power in Europe. "This European journalist are behaving like crazy. Chavez want to perpetuate but they have that figure in Europe! They have Kings! Queens that nobody elects, they inherit the throne and they are they are Chief of State!" And he follows, "the prime minister can be elected as many times the people want to, and here (in Venezuela) they worried about it."

Chavez want to perpetuate but they have that figure in Europe! They have Kings!

So, is he is comparing himself to the KING figure? Was that a superb Freudian slip or what? Do we want a King now? What did Bolivar's independence war was all about Ladies and Gentleman? 196 years later, do we need to bow again?

First of all, Mr. Chavez, the King and Queen are not chief of state and they don't have any say on government matters. The tradition are respected and they function as ambassadors of the countries they represent, sort of PR who voices about their countries abroad, besides been maintained by their countries with a hefty salary and having a jet-set social life that any of us could only dream about.

And yes, the European journalist are very worried about, Mr. Chavez. I would be very worried when the electoral council is ruled by CHAVISTAS and uses an electronic process that can be very easily rigged. I don't think the electoral process behave like that in Europe. As a matter of fact, this old post can point out the difference in the Venezuelan electoral system and any of the European Union, like this one in Spain. Transparent boxes. Manual counting.

So, the problem is not so much about many times one can elect the same person for President, but the manner of this undemocratic proposal who doesn't guarantee clear elections.

UPDATE: Mr. Carroll wrote about this incident on his Aug, 28 Guardian column.

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