Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti will live forever. Grazie, divo!

I came from an opera lover family. When I was growing up, it was such a torment to hear almost every weekend morning a crazy lady or a crazy guy screaming so loud. It was terrible! There wasn't any way to escape from those screaming voices. But one day, on my teenager years, my dad was watching Pavarotti on the TV, like many times before...but that day, for some reason, I saw the beauty of the Opera singing, and it was the most wonderful epiphany that ever happened to me. I don't remember what was Pavarotti singing at that moment, but I was completely taken, totally mesmerized by this man's voice, like if I never heard him before. Like Ari Gold would have said, boom! And just like that, I fall in love with this art forever.

Thanks to Luciano Pavarotti's voice (and my dad's persistence).

Now, he is singing to our Lord creator. Addio, maestro!

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