Sunday, September 09, 2007

Would this be Venezuela's future?

"I'm a one-person crusade. I must speak for those who did not survive and for those who still suffer. Since coming to America, I have visited Cambodia three times to evaluate the ongoing Cambodian crisis. The problems Cambodia faces are not only political but also economical and social. The Khmer Rouge have brought Cambodia back to year zero and that's why I'm trying to bring the Khmer Rouge leaders to the World Court. Like one of my heroes, Elie Wiesel, who alerts the world to the horrors of the Jewish holocaust, I try to awaken the world to the holocaust of Cambodia, for all tragedies have universal implications.

Part of my life is saving life. I don't consider myself a politician or a hero. I'm a messenger. If Cambodia is to survive, she needs many voices."

- DithPran

Back to year zero sounds too Chavista for my taste, don't you think?

I recently saw a movie about the life of this man that chilled my spine, it's called "The Killing Fields", and I think it should be a absolute must to watch by every Venezuelan, specially those who are infatuated with Chavez and the Vichy opposition, who think they still can have some type of understanding with the communist who want to destroy our country.

I wonder if this can happen in Venezuela in the future. After all, Chavez is salivating into indoctrinating kids the same way Pol Pot did, converting them into cruel little killing machines for no reason.

This video has original footage of the movie, and the powerful lyrics of the rap are composed and sung by 23 year old Cambodian-American Prach Ly. I am posting the lyrics since I think they should need to be read by all. The bolds are mine, and are just a highlight on how the communist regime of Hugo Chavez is following the same path of the Khmer Rouge. Mr.Chavez always like to drop the race element here and there, what can I say about their recruiting methods, populism to the most needed, and what about their ideas about property rights, religion, and their indoctrinating plan they have towards children.

" Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge were back up by the Viet Cong
and the North Vietnamese.
They were sent out to purify the Khmer race,
by creating a classless society.
They rose to power by taking over rural provinces.
By recruiting soldiers, poor illiterate peasants.
By the time Pol Pot took the capital Phnom Penh.
His military has reached over thirty thousands.
They emptied cities, bomb banks, and cleared out prisons.
Separated families, eliminated private property, and outlaw religions.
There was no warning shot, what's told was never twice.
It was total chaos, they destroy all aspects of social and cultural life.
Soldiers demanded that all families pack up small supplies, of food and clothes.
They was told, "they'll be back in due time."
To leave their homes and march out of town in a single file line.
They said that: "the United States was going to bomb Phnom Penh's heart."
But it was a lie, it was more like a dying death march.
It's about POWER, TERRITORY, and RICE,
And of course that comes with a hefty price.
Whenever there's WAR, there's always sacrifice,
And it's usually the innocent who lose their life.
They target all intellectuals, survivors.
Prisoners often ditch their eye glasses,
Teachers try to pass as taxi drivers.
No one was told who was running the country but ah,
Only that those in power was call "Angka".
Children's was brainwash into believing in them,
They was taught that: "there's no such thing as parents."
At camps, most execution occurred at night.
Soldiers awoke prisoners suspected of any crimes.
And quietly lead them into the field or forests,
Ordered them to dig their own grave those who mark for death.
They're either stab, beaten or bury alive to save bullets. "This ain't no bullshit".
In the next four years, the horror of the killing fields rise,
With almost everyone in the country force to grow rice.
It was a tragedy base in part of the mistaken idea it seem,
they thought that that the ancient reservoirs was a giant rice growing machines.
It's about POWER, TERRITORY, and RICE,
And of course that comes with a hefty price.
Whenever there WAR, there always sacrifice,
And it's usually the innocent who lose their life."

We can say in the Venezuelan case that this is all about Power, Territory and Oil.

Would they go all the way on his path of ignorance and division thay they would kill their own the same way that Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge did?

I wonder of there's any quote from Chavez praising Pol Pot, after all he pronounced himself recently as Idi Amin's devil advocate.

It would be nice if somebody invite Mr. DithPran for a forum in Venezuela.

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