Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hugo Chavez and the Catholic church

This pictures were taken from a Virgin that is being built by the Chavismo in a alternate route from Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz on Jan, 2007.

Look at the face of the Virgin. Have you ever seen a Virgin, from any ethnicity, with that strong, masculine, warrior-like, mad face?

What do you think? So now in Venezuela even the Catholic Virgin have to look like Hugo Chavez!

What's up with this? Was the author or the commissioner of this work a misogynist, or only wanted to engrace with the Supreme Pharaoh of Venezuela Hugo Chavez?

To me, honestly, what strikes me the most, is the mad face, like she is full of RAGE and not Grace. I have never, never seen a Virgin with a mad face. H/T to Correfoc for these pictures.


UPDATE AND DISCLAIMER: I want to be very clear, since I have received some commentary of people who think I am speaking about the ethnicity of the Virgin, like if a Catholic doesn't know that the Virgin has come to us in all the ethnicities or races of the world, case in point, the Lady of the Americas, Guadalupe, is a mestiza, half-Indian, who spoke to San Juan Diego in his indigenous language. My commentary, for the people who are not getting it, is about HER MASCULINE, CHAVEZ-ESQUE LOOK, AND HER FACE WHO LOOKS SHE IS ENRAGED.

I don't know if you noticed she EVEN has a big mole, like you-know-who.

I have never seen a Virgin with that mad expression in her face, from the Catholic church. If you have a picture of one, please send it because it will be a good case study. Thanks.


To me, this is not coincidence, as there is no coincidence that the Chavista government hasn't given their official condolences of the death of Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara.

Cardinal Castillo was against Chavez abuses, like many Venezuelans. This was Cardenal Castillo talking about the Dec 2006 elections, mentioning Chavez's indefinite reelection:

Look at Chavez making fun of Cardinal Castillo:

I can totally see the Jews back in the days saying exactly the same commentary about a speech from Jesus. It's hard to listen to the truth my dear.

Chavez hates the church because they don't stop to tell the truth about his communist bullshit.

But this was his snake charmer 1998 electoral speech, as you see, totally different:

About Cardinal Castillo, here.


VATICAN CITY, OCT 17, 2007 (VIS) - The Pope has sent a telegram of condolence to Cardinal Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino, archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, for the death yesterday at the age of 85 of the Venezuelan Cardinal Rosalio Jose Castillo Lara S.D.B., president emeritus of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State.

In the telegram, the Holy Father expresses his "heartfelt condolences" to Cardinal Urosa Savino, to the relatives of the deceased and to all the Venezuelan people, entrusting to the mercy of God "this zealous pastor who served the Church with such charity."

The Pope's telegram continues: "Cardinal Castillo Lara's generous and intense ministry, first as coadjutor bishop of Trujillo" and later in the various posts he occupied in the Roman Curia, last of which was that of the presidency of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, "testifies to his great dedication to the cause of the Gospel, at the same time demonstrating his profound love for the Church."

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