Thursday, October 11, 2007

Michael Moore's Sicko and the gruesome reality of the Cuban health care system

Even upper mid class Americans are struggling to get a good health medical, there's no questions about that if you want to get good health care in America you have to have money, or being an illegal. And there's also no question that something has to be done in regards of American's health system (I don't even want to talk about the stratospheric cost of drugs) . However, what's the point of Michael Moron to lie again to the Americans one more time? Oh I know! He wants to make money! Money is good!

I know that the feeling of many Americans is to socialize medicine. I am not so sure this will be as great as many people think it will be. Would you be able to see a doctor whenever you want? Can you choose to see an specialist or some name will be given to you and that's the one you must visit? How fast would you be able to get your appointment? It seems to me that you won't be able to be proactive with your health anymore. Right now, with the worst insurance available, you always can change your primary care doctor if you don't like him or her. Would you be able to pick and change doctors if you wish?

"Canadians concede that waiting time is a problem that stems from the country's lower costs and commitment to universal coverage. In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Robert S. Bell, M.D., President and CEO of University Health Network, Toronto, said that Michael Moore's film SICKO "exaggerated the performance of the Canadian health system — there is no doubt that too many patients still stay in our emergency departments waiting for admission to scarce hospital beds." However, "Canadians spend about 55% of what Americans spend on health care and have longer life expectancy, and lower infant mortality rates. Many Americans have access to quality health care. All Canadians have access to similar care at a considerably lower cost." Canadians pay 9% of GDP to insure 100% of citizens, compared with 14% of GDP to insure 85% of Americans. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that 63% of Americans were worried about not being able to afford health-care services. There is "no question" that the lower cost has come at the cost of "restriction of supply with sub-optimal access to services," said Bell. A new approach is targeting waiting times, which are reported on public web site"


Now, regarding Sicko and Cuba:

This is the great health care that Cubans get... yeah righ let's get Michael Moore the same treatment that Fidel likes to give to the Cubans. No wonder why the Cubans who have such a great health care jump into rubber boats to the Caribbean sea full of sharks to arrive to Miami.

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