Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Antisemitism on Hugo Chavez's revolution of hate

Antisemitic or not? What do you think?

First of all, can somebody explain to me why this piece of filth mentioned that the man waving is named "David Benzaquén" and had a "brown skinned" guy on his side? Where does he wants to go mentioning the fact that the man is a Jew and had a black dude besides him?

To me, this is very insulting and I am not even a Jew. This is simply disgusting. Specially when they dared to talk about two respected Rabbis from the Venezuelan Jewish community. Rabbi Brenner is a very respected man in Venezuela's society, not only among the Jew. He has been a columnist on one of Venezuela's main newspaper, El Nacional. Needless to say, this man in an authority on moral issues and a very brilliant intellectual. I don't know too much about Rabbi Benzaquén but I am sure he is also very respected in his community.

As you can see, the crusade against religion from Chavismo is going stronger. I am afraid that if this insanity is not stopped soon, a lot worst things to religious people will happen in Venezuela. Just google "Rabino Pinchas Brenner" and see all the filthy propaganda against him coming from Chavista sites, like Aporrea.

Of course, this video clip had to come from the dirtiest of all the propaganda men from Chavismo: Mario Silva's "La Hojilla". I haven't seen lowest propaganda crap than the stuff that comes from this "La Hojilla" show. One day, this show will be the subject of study on a class about hatred and lies.

Funny thing is that in the middle of the video he defies anyone to call him antisemitic. If you said so, Mr. Silva. Hmmm, why do you think anybody could ever said anything like that after watching this crap? Duh.

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