Saturday, November 10, 2007

King of Spain an Prime Minister Zapatero feed up with Hugo Chavez's big mouth

At last! A blue blooded Borbón finally told Chavez what everybody else wants to: SHUT UP!

The news appeared today in Spain's newspaper ABC online. In this video, you can tell how Mr. Zapatero is asking Hugo Chavez for a little bit of respect for ex-president Aznar. This happened at the Cumbre Iberoamericana in Chile. Zapatero said that he has no political agreement with him (Aznar) but that he was elected by the Spaniards and he deserves respect when addressed. Zapatero said, directing his commentary to Chavez, that there is a norm of conduct that everybody should practice, and it is to address others with respect. To that, Mr. Big-Mouth-Clown of Venezuela insisted insulting Aznar for a second time, calling him a "fascist" once again.

And, guess what, non other that the King of Spain intervened this time to put Chavez in his place. He said to him, "why don't you shut up?"

Kate, always on top of the news, just sent the link of the video.

UPDATE: Here's the same video I think in Catalan, but it has English sub-titles:

This is so shameful. You can make your point across without behaving like a caveman. I cannot believe that someones NEEDS to teach this guy some manners on a political summit, in front of everybody else to see, on world news live, well, it was gonna happen one day, didn´t it. I am so embarrassed of Chavez even though I never voted for him and I always thought about him the same that King Juan Carlos must be thinking right now. But, gracious God, he is a Venezuelan. He is cleaning the floor with or good name, as a countrymen, if there´s some left.

How come my country created people like him? That´s the question I ask myself over and over again, and not only that, they allowed him to become the president. Unfortunately, Chavez is not a exception, like him, he is the poster child of a generation of Venezuelans who were poisoned with communist indoctrination that invaded our educational system and our military, as well as the "intellectual" European and in less grade American circles during the 60´s and the 70´s.

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