Wednesday, December 05, 2007

About blood, human waste and low expectations MoFOs...

"La sangre is the blood of others which has been spilled in this nutjob's pursuit of vanity, la mierda;s the crap that filled the coward's shorts as he was captured hiding in the military museum after his coup failed."

-DBC, who writes on his own blog.
This is a response of this awesome video of micomandante Chavez that Quico picked up and commented about it. Daniel and Miguel have also excellent comments about this video. I wish I have a copy of it with an English translation.

Marianella Salazar has this pretty good interview with Dr. Psychiatrist Francis Delgado Senior, who has plenty of research about President Chavez's Narcissist personality disorder. Sorry, it's in Spanish. Two important things that Dr. Delgado mentions are: One, the personality of a human being is like the color of his eyes, it never changes. And second, this type of ill personality structure generate a visceral rejection from healthy, normal people. Hence, the reaction of horror from us when we see the guy and the lost of temper from the King of Spain, who never did had a hair out of control all along 35 years of public life.

Very important. Note the pathetic and miserables low lives who accompanied Chavez in the video who at the end shout "patria, socialismo o muerte". Don't they look like pathetic small and fluffy lap dogs waiting for whatever their master said to lick him on his mole?

And, the worst of this story, is that the sissies of this video are Venezuela's military High Command.

At the end of the video you can see one of the lap dogs who give his hand to Chavez, and Chavez didn't even looked at him... what does it feel to be ignored like that dude? I only can tell you, bien hecho!, that type of things happen to people who don't respect themselves.

Uffff.... cannot stand men who doesn't behave like one. How disgraceful.

On the same line, DBC, also wrote this grrreat commentary about Mari Pili's totally disgusting demostration of truckling that you ever will see in your entire life. You have to read this.

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