Thursday, December 27, 2007

The assassination of Ms. Bhutto

"Why is Pakistani politics so violent? One explanation is that Pakistan, unlike its neighbor and archrival India, has been mostly ruled by men in uniform. The army is large and powerful and sets the tone for a militaristic brand of politics, analysts say."
An interesting though to consider about the assassination of Ms. Bhutto, for South Americans, for us Venezuelans in particular, now that we are ruled by lunatic and power driven men in uniform. Are we getting on that road for how long? I am getting some uncomfortable chill down to my spine as I am writing this.

What they get assassinating Benazir Bhutto? Or any political leader of the world for this matter? I don't get it. The only thing that comes from this is chaos. Nothing good for the country of Pakistan. That's how the criminal mind operates.

"Ms. Bhutto came back from a very comfortable life abroad. She came back to fight these forces of extremism," said a tearful and distraught Farah Ispahani, part of Bhutto's political team. "She came back for this country. She was a real daughter of the soil of Pakistan."

Picts of her last moments and her assassination here.

I don't know to much about Pakistani politics, or how good or bad was Bhutto for her country. However, for this woman who became twice prime minister (first time she was 35! the youngest and first female of any modern day Islamic country) of a Muslim area infested with radical entities like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda speaks volumes of the material this woman was made of, although some accusations that during her government the Taliban picked up in Afghanistan. I don't know what to say since I don't know too much about the subject, however I admire her, and any Muslim woman who take public and important roles in their societies, only for that.

“I put my life in danger and came here because I feel this country is in danger. People are worried. We will bring the country out of this crisis.”

- Benazir Bhutto

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