Thursday, January 10, 2008

So... no results yet?

My dear readers,

I have to apologize for not been able to update my site as often as I usually do. You know, my beloved muse went away on vacations and never returned. My suspicion is that she ran away with her forbidden lover and by now they are probably having a deliciously steamy hot affair on some tiny island in the pacific. She took with her all my inspiration ... Bad muse! How could I blame her though.... much better than talk about the current affairs of Venezuelan politics and etc. Oh well...

In any case, I am gonna adventure into writing something without any inspiration. It's only a little question that is bothering me. See, the year started with everybody into holiday, festive mode, just like me, and for the others who didn't surrender and stayed reading the news during this time where taken on a) Operation Emanuel, and b) the US primaries. Nothing bad about following these two news though. About the first one, Operation Emanuel. It resulted into a much fantastic adventure than operations Desert storm, Desert fox and Iraqi freedom together. Only that this Emanuel one is conducted by a collection of Latin American clowns from the Ringling brothers. I have to say, that in combination with the Christmas light show in Caracas they made great TV. At the end, the operation Emanuel resulted into a poster for one of the most horrible characteristics that I despise the most about Chavismo. They like to talk the talk, but never walk the walk. No substance, all bullshit. Pure bluffing. No respect for the citizens, no serious work. No professionalism. How could if our Foreign minister is a bus driver with no experience, no merit and any academic qualifications in diplomacy?

So, this story about the FARC, Emanuel, that if he is the kid or nor of Clara Rojas... c'mon! This is the best soap opera ever! Pure Albertico Limonta. Sigh... and they are not even including the amount of Venezuelans who are ALSO kidnapped by the FARC!!!!!!! How disrespectful is this for any Venezuelan? All I am saying is that if I were the editor of a Venezuelan newspaper, the fact that they are not including any Venezuelan kidnapped into this show would make it first page headlines until the end of days. And, I even have to start to call Chavismo and Chavez with a coma, like this: Hugo Chavez, who made this Emanuel show about to recover some Colombian kidnapped folks and didn't include the Venezuelan citizens who are also kidnapped by the FARC, blah, blah, blah....

Now, something else. Remember that only a few weeks ago Venezuela was at the very edge of a civil war? That the president tried to take over the elections by committing a fraud? That there was this big problem with voter abstention?


If you go to the Venezuelan electoral council web page, it has this lovely motto "La Democracia evoluciona" on a corner, meaning "Democracy is evolving". I would say more involution that evolution since they haven't post any results since 2005. Hello? 2008 in here.

So, why is it that the political parties are not making noise into demanding for the results of the Constitutional Reform referendum? Are we gonna know the results about the American elections on Dec 2008 faster than this one?

See? And then I, and any citizen who decided not to participate in this joke, we are the monsters of the Universe for not participated in the electoral process. It's our fault, not!

Please, a little bit more of respect, and then I will consider to participate in it.

As a citizen, I demand the political parties who represent every single Venezuelan to take an active role into enforcing the government to spit these results in its totality ASAP (and also from previous elections). This is the real cause of abstention, if you ask me. A political representative cannot come and ask me to go to vote, and then go home an not taking care of the results.

Very disrespectful and not cool at all. I mean, my point is, that IF we are gonna take a non-violent, non at coup, democratic avenue to get rid of Chavismo, then we have to do it all the way. No? Just a though. I only hope somebody into a power position reads me and take note of my discontent, which I imagine is also shared by many Venezuelans, Chavistas too.

On a refreshing democratic note, I love what the major of Lecherias (from PJ) is talking about in this article, about respecting regional leadership.


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