Saturday, January 26, 2008

Swapping coffee for coca ...

According to Cuckoo Chavez, who suddenly has become and authority on drugs, cocaine is not the same than coca.

Yes, it´s not the same, one is raw material and the other is a final product. But, what is he trying to say? Than chewing coca leaves doesn´t have the same alkaloid that makes cocaine bad for you? (ask Naomi, Sean and Kevyn about it). Coca leaves is the raw material on the production of cocaine, and obviously if you take the habit, as Chavez is very proud to tell to the world, it will ultimately destroy your health. If he ask any doctor about it it, he would have been told, but of course, since he only sees the witch doctor these days... probably they told him to chew a lot of coca leaves to keep him "strong".

How someone can be that stupid and still be proud enough to show it off like this? Phheeehhh....

Something else, he should be aware that trading with coca leaves is illegal:

"Venezuela signed the Vienna Convention of 1961, which regulates everything that has to do with narcotics,'' said Mildred Camero, former president of the government's main counter-narcotics agency, the National Council Against the Illicit Use of Drugs. ``On the list . . . the coca leaf was prohibited.''

Is he provoking the international authorities with this behavior? Is he desperate to create an international incident to install a martial law in Venezuelan soil and do whatever he wants?

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