Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Attention Obama shoppers!

Photo via Jason from postpolitical.

"I don't actually agree with Chavez's policies or how he's dealing with his people. I think he has consolidated power. I think he has strong despotic tendencies. I think that he's been using oil revenue to stir up trouble against the United States," Obama said.

There's something about Obama that I never like. And I am not talking about the obvious, he is a liberal and I am a conservative. Taking that apart, Obama always looked to me like the "perfect" candidate. Kind of suspicious for this little penguin. Like somebody in some pent-house office somewhere decided to fabricate the perfect candidate. He must be black, have a great "Clay Davis" like smile and charm, yadda yadda yada... and poof! Obama the superstar, always with the perfect quote and tone of voice comes to the arena. Manchurian candidate anyone? Here he is.

And, like this is not enough to worry about, there's another problem with Obama, and is the type of people he is attracting to volunteer for him. You know the type, the Medeas Benjamins and Cindies Sheehans out there, the Danny Glovers and Sean Penns. All of them very loud and spoken supporters of Hugo Chavez.

Take for example this woman, a latino volunteer in the Houston area:

And this one:

Che-Guevara picts via Little Green Footballs.

WTF? What would you think about a Rep candidate whose volunteers have a NAZI flag on their offices?

Something is smelling rotten here. The candidate says "A", but people who believes in "B" are behind him... hhhmmmm. Either these pair didn't read that Obama quote I put on the beginning of this post, or they simply don't think that Che Guevara is the same animal that Hugo Chavez is. I wonder what these two think about Hugo Chavez's revolution. I bet they love it, just like Medea, Seann, Danny...

Continuing with far left cuckoo Medea Benjamin and her legion of code pinkos and common dreamers, who would you think she will endorse? Haven't found out yet. BUUUT, if you look on the webpage of this lovely convention called "Take Back America 2008" that Benjamin is actively promoting, guess who is comming to dinner... among the speakers, Danny Glover, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, among other "progressive" (according to whom?) leaders. Chances are that Obama will be her ticket.

You know, maybe Obama is sincere, he makes sense, he is charming. But what kind of people will work for him? How many Medeas Benjamin and Danny Glovers will be working for the State department? You know, if Bill Clinton sold his soul to China, what are we gonna expect from people who have a Che-Guevara flags on their offices?

In a way, I want this election for Obama to win, and see how he will do... dismantle the myth that this man is "good" for the country, or eat my words.

So, you know who you are my dear readers who sympathize with Obama, what do you think about the Che Guevara volunteers? I would have a problem with a Rep candidate whose volunteers have a Nazi flag on their offices, and you should too, you know?

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