Sunday, February 24, 2008

A chavista suicide bombing by accident

First, the threat:

Translation: "Here we go again, the Fedecamaras President defying the government, I won't recommend this to you, the former President of Fedecamaras has flee the country, and the other is in Colombia. Are you gonna do the same? Will you keep defying the government? Are you a business man or a politician?"

This is probably the comment of the Fedecamaras President that enraged herr majesty:

"The same day as Carrizales`s announcements, the president of the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Production (FEDECAMARAS), José Manuel González, suggested that Chávez`s accusations against Polar and government interventions in the private sector discourage "necessary investments" that "produce decent employment and feed the country," and that the government is "toying with chaos [and] food scarcity". He added that in the past, "when there were not so many controls... and the private sector could work in peace in this country, absolutely everything could be found."

Source: here.

Second, the attack:

Bomb explodes outside Venezuelan business chamber, killing 1

5 hours ago

CARACAS, Venezuela - A small bomb exploded outside the headquarters of Venezuela's leading business chamber Sunday, killing one person, police said.

The blast occurred near the entrance of the Fedecamaras business chamber headquarters in Caracas's middle-class district of La Florida at approximately 1 a.m. local time, killing an unidentified man and shattering windows, federal police Chief Marcos Chavez said.

"There's a person who was close by, and presumably could have been hit by the shock wave," Chavez told The Associated Press in a brief telephone interview. "We still have not identified the person."

The explosion could have been meant to scare business leaders who have been critical of President Hugo Chavez, said Fedecamaras President Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

"These actions do not intimdate us. They commit us to continue fighting for Venezuela," Gonzalez told Union Radio.

Lope Mendoza, the chamber's deputy vice-president, noted that unidentified people have tossed several small explosives at Fedecamaras offices in recent years. Like Sunday's blast, those explosions occurred at night.

The chamber's headquarters have been repeatedly vandalized. Last year, dozens of government supporters wearing red - the colour of Chavez's ruling party - gathered outside the building during the day, spray-painting pro-Chavez slogans on its walls. None of the demonstrators were arrested.

Government officials have denied that Chavez's administration was behind previous attacks.

Last week, Gonzalez strongly criticized Chavez for accusing local businesses of stockpiling products to sell later at inflated prices as Venezuelans struggle with sporadic food shortages.

Chavez warned recently that any business caught hoarding goods such as chicken, eggs and milk "should be seized and taken under government control" - threats that alarmed Fedecamaras.

The socialist leader called Empresas Polar - Venezuela's largest food producer - a "clear example" of the kind of business that is ripe for takeover.

Source: The Canadian Press

The lamest thing of all, is that the possible suicide bomber by accident -the bomb exploded in his arms, not that he was expecting his 72 virgins or anything like that, only bad luck for this pobre diablo- was... he was... guess... a police officer from the crowd of Chavista Mayor Juan Barreto! (Correction, were under Juan Barreto, Mayor, NOW they are under the Bureau of Interior Affairs and Justice, under the command of non other than Minister Ramón Rodriguez Chacín). Yep, the same one.

Credentials were found at the site of the accident, and a note from the terrorist organization who committed the act:

I don't think the fact that they left a note and credentials of the police officer who loft his life in this act is a mistake. There is a motivation from the side of the government to do this, I just don't know yet what it is.

The bomb exploded on Chavez's face, unfortunately killing this guy who died blindly by serving his Guru, King Hugo I and his terrorist government. Do you think this guy dying was a mistake, or not? I don't know what to think anymore. Chavistas can be total clumps, but they have the masters of propaganda, the Cubans, behind this type of operations...

The insanity...

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