Sunday, February 17, 2008

Joe Kennedy's oil

While in Venezuela people are experiencing one of the worst shortage of food in its whole history thanks to Chavez's socialist-communist policies, this is how the same Chavez help the USA people with so much looove (have the Pepto handy):

Michael Wade from A Second Hand Conjecture wrote about this:
"Chavez’s machinations to wield ever greater power within Venezuela, and increased influence without, are slowly grinding the common man into the ground. Venezuela is a massive welfare state, that increasingly forbids any sort of private initiative, and which is almost entirely funded by its oil revenues. But by funding social welfare programs instead of oil infrastructure, and by chasing out the foreign investment needed to keep the industry going, Chavez is killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. On top of all that, a sizable portion of the oil Venezuela does manage to produce is given away in an attempt to buy international influence. Such giveaways, championed by the likes of Joe Kennedy, take money directly out of the pockets of Venezuelans, and decreases their ability to support themselves. Without those petrodollars, the state does not have enough money to subsidize farmers in order to keep them producing food and selling it at the prices mandated by the government. In short, the oil under Chavez’s control represents the welfare of the nation, and he trades so much of it for his own self-aggrandizement that there is not enough left over to feed his own people.

Said another way, Joe Kennedy supports expending Venezuelan blood so that Americans can enjoy their oil. Is that a problem for anyone?"

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