Friday, February 01, 2008

Venezuela's Bolivar Fuerte breakes when thrown to the floor...

There's something tragic-comedic and profoundly sad about this news that noticias24's economic website posted on its site. Venezuela's government corruption has no limit and now they will destroy our currency. It happens that the so-called new Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar Fuerte (fuerte means strong in Spanish), physically can break easily. Apparently, the coins can brake if you throw them to the floor. Fuerte, pero no tan fuerte. Bad omen for Chavismo and Venezuela's economy.

You know, when I read this news, at first I though that people were becoming so uncivilized that they were doing something harsh to break the coins. Some sort of CIA-led opposition coup, but no, the coins apparently are not that greatly made. The government, of course, is saying that this coins are made in Europe and that therefore, they meet the international standards. Uff, what is with the "they are made in Europe", like if they are made in Venezuela this is more expected? You know what I mean? Is this the way the Venezuelan government want to promote us? And then they get mad when foreigners treat them like monitos from the Zoo.

Even Infobae, the Argentinian media who mentioned this news make fun of this:
"Así, la entidad financiera envió un irrisorio comunicado en el que explica que las piezas están echas por empresas europeas, y que si se emplean adecuadamente, cumplirán perfectamente su función."
So, they meet the international standards, uh? I don't know what to think. Either they are lying and these coins don't meet the international standards. Or, Venezuelans have become so uncivilized and barbarians that they actually break the coins. What's your pick? My opinion, and I can bet my head for it, those coins came chimbas because someway along the production line, somebody in the government saw the opportunity to make money, and something that needed to be done, wasn't done, or was poorly done, subcontracted, and that government official took a suitcase full of money for it.

The reality is that the Chavista mafia don't care about our nationality.

Hasta cuandoooooooo!!!!!!!

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