Monday, March 24, 2008

The verbal diarreah starts again...

Photo thanks to Correfoc :)

He he, don't tell me this isn't the greatest pict of Hugo ever! After the Rio group meeting, and Alvaro Uribe's threat to take him to court due to the information take it from Raul Reyes' computer, Hugo Chavez had kept his mouth quite contained... that is after Holy Week passed and Satan slapped his butt once again.

Anyway, the man has come stronger with his verbal diarreah, this time blaming one more time everything under the sun to the Americans, the US of A.

And, of course, how could he not include in the mix just a little something about Bush puppet too?

Long are the days of the Grupo de Rio kumbayah hug. We all know this fake peace wasn't gonna hold for too long anyway.

And Venezuela? Doing worst than Hugo Chavez. A 34% still loves the guy. I imagine 34% is a number that somehow could have been inflated, but still... 34%?? Give me a freakkin' break.

Doesn't matter th guy is starving them to death. That is also America's fault. Unbelievable.

The ancient Romans used to say, give them Bread and Circus. So after a quite break, we have circus again courtesy of Mr. Hugo to entertain us. This time no bread.

Sometimes I get so bored of writing the same thing over and over again...

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