Thursday, May 15, 2008

INTERPOL’s forensic report on FARC computers and hardware seized by Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia - INTERPOL today presented the results of its forensic examination of eight seized FARC computer and hardware exhibits following a request for assistance in March of this year by Colombia, one of INTERPOL's 186 member countries.

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble advised senior Colombian law enforcement officials that INTERPOL's team of forensic experts discovered 'no evidence of modification, alteration, addition or deletion' in the user files of any of the three laptop computers, three USB thumb drives and two external hard disks seized during a Colombian anti-narcotics and anti-terrorist operation on a FARC camp on 1 March 2008.

'Based on our careful and comprehensive forensic examination of each of the eight seized FARC computer exhibits and on consideration of all the evidence reviewed by our experts, INTERPOL concludes that there was no tampering with any data on the computer exhibits following their seizure on 1 March 2008 by Colombian authorities,' said Secretary General Noble.

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After this incident one only have to assume Hugo Chavez will be pressured to resign from office, but no, he is threatening Colombia with war instead.

No pressure, because the groups that should be doing it, the moronic Venezuelan political opposition and the military, are either with him, or scratching their bellies. I have to think they support him if they don´t speak up and pressure right now as a united force.


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