Tuesday, June 03, 2008

To know everything. A nation of informers.

I hope this movie, The Life of Others (Das Leben der Anderen, in its original German) is familiar to many of you. If not, you must see it. I recommended specially to the fellow Venezuelans who are living in Venezuela's territory right now.

I wonder what celebs like Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Danny Glover and Kevin Spacey, and anti-war activist Medea Benjamin from the Pinkos club and Noam Chomsky think about this new lunacy from "democratic" President Hugo Chavez. And what about those Obama supporters who love Hugo? Joe-for-Oil Kennedy, any comments about this?? Just to name a few of those peace loving Hugo Chavez's supporters who habitat in democratic countries all over the world.

If they think the Patriot act is the ultimate attack to freedom, they haven't seen nothing yet. This law is far more ruthless since it requires all its citizens, including their own chavista Judges to "... comply with requests to assist the agencies, secret police or community activist groups loyal to Mr. Chávez. Refusal can result in prison terms of two to four years for most people and four to six years for government employees."

I don't need to say more, but let NY Times Simon Romero's front page article speaks for itself.

A total disgrace for the once democratic country of Venezuela. Mr. Comrade have arrive to stay, and with the support he gets from abroad, well, seems he is not going anywhere. =(

Daniel have an interesting post about this horror as well, don't miss it.

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