Friday, September 05, 2008

Gloria Steinem on Palin

"Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton."
For Steinem, Palin is the wrong woman. And you know, she is entitled to give her opinion about Palin, but don't tell me these women rights and feminist movements are NOTHING but big political agenda for liberal issues.

So, if somebody like Palin comes to the political arena, instead of being congratulated for her achievement, the same way I always have respected Hillary's achievements but never in agreement with her, Palin is nothing but a puppet of the boy's club. She doesn't have brains because she is pro life. Just like Clarence Thomas.

Let's be very clear, the NOW, the ACLU, and Oprah, don't care about women, or minorities, or blacks or whatever. As long you don't agree with their liberal agenda, you are regarded as nothing.

This is not about defending women's rights, or minorities. For them, this always have been about the liberal agenda. They should stop presenting them as organizations who works for minorities or women because it's not true.

Having said that, I am tired of listening from the conservatives that Palin is a hockey mom. She should be presented as a politician because she got that job because of her work as a politician and not because she is a hockey mom. Don't give more sexist ammo to the left, please!

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