Monday, September 01, 2008

Some rules about driving, vrromm, vrrrooom...

Please watch the videos posted by McPerro. Venezuelan race driver and Chavista extraordinaire Milka Dunno making a big low class manners show at the race track when confronted by her American colleague Danica Patrick last May at Indy.

What was she trying to do?

What I know, and I don't know that much about racing, is that you cannot cut a faster driver coming behind you this way mein Gott. A race is between the pilot and the racetrack, not a cat fight between drivers making everybody's life more dangerous than what already is at the racetrack. Does she knows anything about racing?

That's what she was mad and started yelling to Patrick "you like show?" and "you not welcome here" (lol!), she knew she did very wrong. Very unprofessional attitude too. Shameful!

Having said that, Danica Patrick is known to be a hothead too. Wrong from both of them to have put that show.

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