Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is Fidel death?

Chances are that this pict who has been circulating the internet is a very good made photoshop, however... could it be that they are holding the news in the last working freezer of the Island? mmmm.... Just read this, these two men, Felipe Perez Roque and Carlos Lage where ready to start chopping heads... maybe because the leader is death or ready to...

The article Castro published on a government Web site provides the first official hint of why two of the most powerful and public faces of the Cuban government were abruptly removed Monday in Cuba's largest leadership shakeup in decades.

Castro sniffed at suggestions that President Raul Castro is putting his personal stamp on the government he inherited from his older brother a year ago. He wrote that officials sought his advice "even though there was no law requiring those who named them to do that."

And he said the "two most mentioned" were too eager to advance.

"The honey of power, for which they had not sacrificed at all, awoke in them ambitions that led to an undignified role," he wrote. "The external enemy was filled with illusions for them."


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