Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bear spoke up, loud and clear, NO NO NO!

"Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem."
- Ronnie.

Californians from all ideological arenas came together and said NO to Arnoldo's propositions aimed to soft the impact about the state of California's big spending mess. Enough is enough.

La Wonkette had a good commentary about the election's low turnout and also a funny rant about the meaning of those propotitions.

The elected officials are talking about that they failed the elections. No, they didn't fail the elections but they have failed at their jobs, that's why Californians don't have more patience to give them more spending license.

It's time to stop spending what you don't have. Doesn't matter how much money they can get, they always have to spend one dollar more. The overspending mentality has to stop because how much increase of taxes we can afford, really? It's time to make a list of priorities and going back to basics. As a citizen of CA all I see is taxes increases and a diminish in the quality of health care, education and other services. I am no expert but something is not working in here.

But the other side of this is that now Sacramento is totally paralyzed and won't be able to get out of this budget crisis. So, we all are losing in here. And the more paralyzed for them to ease the situation the more frustrated people get. The reality is that officials now are in a situation in which the building is on fire and they cannot do nothing about it because the water is on hold on another building they cannot reach.

So whose fault is this? I would say it's the mentality of the voters who want to have free lunch and elect officials who pander to this irrational mentality. Time to wake up from the rose cloud. Either people want a society that they have to pay 70% and more in taxes and the state baby sit for them, or a small government with less services, but people will have more money in their pockets to buy those services from private hands. Higher taxes might work if we become a nation state, that is, totally independent from the Federal government, like it seems to work in smaller European states. But big taxes in a big country... do we have an example in history of a 300 Million people socialist country that have worked? NO. The reason is that Centralized and too powerful governments are very easy to corrupt or get away of their path. Human nature. What do you think?

So, a last though, how is the state gonna solve California's bankruptcy problem? A serious question. The unorthodox answer might come from Brian the dog of Family Guy, funny but I guarantee ya, it will solve all the cash problems this state might have (don't tell me this is the best excuse to put this great funny video in this blog). :D

Hulu has a better resolution of the same video.

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