Friday, October 26, 2007

The hunt for the liter of milk

This is how much Hugo Chavez loves Venezuela that the people has to get into hour long lines and fight between each other to get a simple liter (one liter = about 33 oz) or a kilo of powder milk (3/4 dry powdered milk produces aprox. one liter. 1 kilo = 4.4 cups = apróx 4 litres of milk) . So, this line is to get 33 oz of milk or 1 kilo of powdered milk if they are lucky, only one of those choices per person though, and God only knows when they will be able to get more.

Food shortages have been what's happening among Venezuelans on their day to day life since the last few months now. What people are commenting is that Pharaoh Hugo wants to implement a food ration card in pure Havanaesque style. Why this is happening? The main reason is because of a populist price control that has put farmers over the edge (those evil imperialist farmers!). What it really bothers me with all of this, is that it takes one hell of a stubborn man to continue with such erroneous policies, just because. You know, this is so easy to fix if you allow the market to regulate itself, (yeah, with some controls, don't panic). Ay caramba!!

Yes, the very rich oil country's Pharaoh is killing Venezuela's agricultural industry.

Why the stupidity of insisting into such bad policies that doesn't give ANY results but MORE problems? Why to create more problems that instead to resolve them? Why Hugo? My take, besides the power trip that might give Hugo the rush of his life (forget about good'ol sex), this is a very good thing to talk about and to DISTRACT the public opinion like that's the most important item of the day. Unfortunately, and as much dramatic is to live under a food shortage, in the meantime, close door policy, the illegitimate Venezuelan congress is illegally approving the change of our democratic constitution to a communist one.


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