Thursday, May 29, 2008

The latest anti-terrorist weapon from the yanks, Makuna-Matata

Well, well, well... I have to apologize to the occasional reader(s) of my blog, but my muse went on vacation again. Happens that writing about Hugo Chavez and what´s going on in Venezuela doesn´t change. Year after year is the same bs so it gets tiring.

Anyway, this is a story that deserves a little bit of attention for two reasons. One, the communist propaganda kettle is calling the Yankee pot black. And, secondly, because doesn´t matter how many ways Marcuse tried to make ugly pretty, ugly is always gonna be ugly.

Kudos for creativity to the Eurotard professor who talks in this video for such an elegant demostration of doublespeak:

I wish I have an English translation to this video, but basically the thesis of this guy is that the yanks, under the branch of the Ministry of Disney, use notorious communist propaganda techniques to foul the poor people of the United States of America.

Scar, where´s your turban bro?

So, according to this guy whose name is Juan Carlos Monedero, who is one of many Euro-apologist of Big Hugo, and is also a political science professor at the Complutense of Madrid, everybody have to obey Lion King otherwise he will eat them (the fact that lions are called King of the Jungle and make a good base for a nice story is totally irrelevant, I guess). He continues saying that the "bad" lion (Scar) looks like Ayatollah Khomeini and it´s always represented under a half moon on the back (couldn´t confirm that one but will assume is true). And, the speech of the hyenas are afro in the English version and Mexican in the Spanish so it is reinforcing the fact that blacks and Hispanics are "bad" (not sure about this either but I would also assume it's true).

The people in Disney are using their characters who make a representation of good and evil. Now, I'm sure this is true. SO? Everybody have an idea of what is good guys and what is bad in their minds AND, FREE THINKING PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO IT SO. What is astonishing to me is that he is criticizing it. Like commies don´t do the same all the time and forbids their people to think differently?

At least in America everybody can have their own sets of crazy (or not) opinions and keeping them and using them as they wish.

Morover, isn´t the Ayatollah a proven bad guy? Or is the religious state of Iran the fountain of happiness and freedom? Make up your mind and keep it handy next time you are looking for an "evil" character for your soap opera.

And what about the hyenas? Because of politically correctness we have to portrait all the bad guys as whiteys? When was the last time you saw a black or a Hispanic criminal on a commercial? Could it be that nowadays bad people only come in white?

You know, he is in his right to say whatever he wans to say, but Disney too!! Same way that the communist Cubans and Chavistas do all the time. They live in their own little word where, just like Orwell´s 1984: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength". Go figure! Like anybody doesn´t knows what these idiots are up to.

The thing is, that Disney is a private company and is not a branch of the US government and they can say and do whatever they want. And, the other thing is that The Lion King is inspired by Hamlet and Bambi. Oh, talking about Shakespeare, let´s not forget he was in the same racist conspiracy against blacks and Arabs when he wrote Othello. Therefore, he should be banned and his books should be burned and never red!!

And that´s how life is in Venezuela these days... people eating shit heavily and liking it.


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