Sunday, April 09, 2006

The amorality and "hablapajismo"(*) of Hugo Chavez's regime

Can you believe this news?? Ladies and Gents, Ollanta Humala, the Peruvian Candidate that is the new puppet (along with Evo, and oil loaded wallet Hugo Chavez) of Fidel Castro's South American Collection, went to vote with non other than the Venezuelan President of the Electoral Council, Jorge Rodriguez!!!

This is soooo shocking to me, the open attitude of this people showing support to a candidate from another nation. Messing up with other countries affairs á la Ugly white American like nothing's happening.

Let me remind you, internet world, that Hugo Chavez principal critic to the government of GWB is the gringos nosy attitude towards foreign affairs. And what is he doing?? Blatantly, and in the face of the world sticking his wallet into another countrys internal affairs!

I always say that Hugo Chavez heroes are George W Bush and Carlos Andres Perez. He says that he hates them and he acts just like them (only the bad things, btw).

Seems like Tony Soprano wants to rule the waste management operations in Peru as well.

(*)Hablapajismo: Talking BS...

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