Sunday, April 09, 2006

Immigration topics...

Today, marchs against the immigration bill that will make illegal immigrants "felons" have been occuring all over the country, including San Diego. This topic is hot and seems that if America doesn't tackle this issue effectively once and for all, this country will suffer the consecuences of it.

Some considerations:

1) Illegals are not fellons. Label them fellons won't resolve the issue. Moreover, won't prevent them to cross the border in search for a better living that they cannot get in their corrupt countries.

2) Instead of the Senate talking about this bill, they should be talking about building a wall and militarize the borders. If not a wall, then militarized the borders. Ladies and Gentleman, one of the principal functions of the military is to watch the frontiers and enforce immigration law. It happens in all the countries of the world, I never understood why is not happening here. Our borders are unprotected for anyone and anything coming in and out as they please to American soil. After they take care of the border, THEN they can talk about what to do with the illegals. They need to start paying taxes, school and health care as we all do anyway. Su dinero estar muy bienvenido por favor!

3) WTF with the majority of Mexican and other countries flags (mostly South Americans) on the immigration rallies? Can you imagine Americans descendants doing rallies in other countries with American flags? This is not cool. First of all, immigrants are not only Mexicans or South Americans, although they constitute the majority of the illegals in the US. However, I don't get the point to go to a immigration rally with other countries flags, did they miss the country? Is there something they need to tell Vicente Fox or Hugo Chavez? Ok then, please go to those countries and do a rally there and say anything you want to say to those countries (Good luck in Venezuela because marchs are almost forbidden due to the violent nature of Hugo Chavez's regime, if you dare to make a protest you have to face zero protection from the NAZI-onal guard, moreover, direct attacks from them).

4) Do I need to stress-again-how important is to protect the borders? Is the name Lopez Obrador sound familiar to you? If Lopez Obrador wins the future elections of Mexico on July 2, 2006, America will have open borders to the leftist government of Lopez Obrador and his group of friends, all hostile, very hostile to American interests (Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Hamas and Al Qaeda). Not that anyone can smuggle itself or whatever you can think of today to the border.

5) Would be a good idea once and for all if America stop the stupidity of not having only one official language. We all come here with different languages, we need only ONE to communicate to each other. Please choose and stop spending money on unnessesary driver manuals in 500 different languages. Is the government plan to have traffic signs in those 500 languages as well? What kind of stupidity is this in the name of the ACLU?

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