Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kidnapped Venezuelan-Canadian brothers and their driver were found dead

How horrible is this news. Can you imagine the feeling of a mother and a father when their 17, 13 and 12 year-old children along with a house employee die executed-style by a bullet on their head and on the back of their neck? I really can't imagine. I CAN'T.

This news was also picked by the lebanese media since his parents, as many other Venezuelans, were of lebanese descent. (caution, graphic and very sad picture).

Now, I don't want to talk about politics in regards of this crime as it was "advised" by the minister of Justice for the citizens to shut up and don't even think to link it to politics. But one wonders... how come we can expect the Venezuelan government to control this kidnapping problem, (not the first time it happens, last week they found dead executed-style a Venezuelan-Italian business man also kidnapped, and many, many people who die by the hour) when it openly sympathize with people who doesn't blink an eye to execute other people, and moreover, apologize for it (The Jackal)? I mean, what kind of ambiguos message you are sending to the citizens? Note that this murderes (the Faddoul brothers, the business man Filippo Sindoni, and the students of the barrio Kennedy were kidnapped after being intercepted by the police (or some police costumed people) in a police stop. (In the case of the students of the barrio Kennedy I am not sure if they were kidnapped but surely attacked by the police or some police costumed criminals)

The country's national prosecutor is talking right now on the Venezuelan TV about how coherent they have been in regards of this murderers (Danilo Anderson case)... and for the Venezolanos who have been following this crime, we know they have been more than incoherent about it. He is talking about cremating the bodies (?) Hello?

Something else, the AN (National Assambly) is talking about the creation of a new state-police.... geez... this news you also can read it as a Setp 11-patriot act- conspiracy theory. What easier way than to execute 4 innocent sould, 3 of them children, to start raiding like crazy and to implement a new state-police? A Venezuelan gestapo composed by members of the cuban G-2? I believe everything to this point. Everything ladies and gentleman.

100,000 violent deads in Venezuela in 7 years. Who is the war against Hugo Chavez? Read about this here.

This is, with no doubt, a new low in the moral crisis that is happening in Venezuela. Does it look like the Corleone family is falling appart?

God bless their souls,

More about the Jackal, read here. (btw, The Jackal is first cousing of Rafael Ramirez Carreño, president of the state oil company Pdvsa)...

About Chavez's admiration for the jackal, read here.

The "Barrio Kennedy" murderers, click here.

What bloggers Daniel and Miguel are saying.

Update: The major is talking right now about today's student protest about the murder of the little brothers. He was the same one who offered this great solution to the street crime that is killing so many Venezuelans. He is talking about all the expedients that the city has against the police who worked during the government of the previous major Peña. Caramba! I don't understand chavistas, the minister of justice is asking not to making this into a political thing, and the major is exactly doing it... who understand these people?

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