Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two protest, one claim (supposedly).

Opposition protest

Chavista protest

Today in Caracas, there were two protests regarding insecurity and street crime. As many of you know, personal insecurity, street crimes, murders, kidnapping and all kinds of dangerous things are very common in Venezuela. They were terrible before Chavez, seems it hasn't change but for the worst. I can't imagine.

The point of writing this note, is that there were two protests, because one was from chavistas and one from members of the opposition. WTF? Do you think street crime see the ideological difference on a target? If so, isn't that a big, BIIIG problem for the society? Much beyond simply insecurity, police affairs?

Chavistas: "We are supporting the President and his misiones" (what's the name of the protest, again?, yes, it's called: "Move yourself for security"-or in other words take a stand aganist insecurity... so what the misiones have to do with street crime my dear?) "We are claiming to the defense and security of the Land", not for those who are laying there (on the other protest)" Ok, thanks!... and then the insanity keeps coming: "we have to avoid get into a GW Bush manipulation, since he is a monster which will bring caos and we will be taken out of our Universities" (AAH? - more or less that's what I undersdood, I have no idea why GWB will take them out their Universities). Gee, I guess there's never a bad moment to say one or two bad things about GWB, doesn't matter if he has anything to do with the issue or not. I though Sophism was a dead philosophy, but nooooo it's very much alive and well among the left and specially in a country call Venezuela. *sight*

The good thing is that they ended handing in a document with proposals to the Justice Minister. I can't help but to imagine what's written in that piece of paper:

1-Eliminate GWB
2-We are chavistas and support Pres Chavez and his anti-imperialist view against GWB and we support the misiones because they are good. Keep the misiones, they don't have anything to do with this proposals but it's good to mention the good thing that our president, the "King of the Poors" does. (or was it the "King of Comedy"? :)
3-Eliminate the CIA since they are the ones behind street crime
4-It's all about the gringos, let's get them (but not the ones who are travelling with Medea Benjamin, those chancletúos are cool, they are fighting with us against the imperialist paws)
5-We support the wonderful work that Pres Chavez is doing (well, can he maybe do a little bit more with street crime? If you will? Please? Isn't that too much to ask? But please, don't get us wrong, we looooooove President Chavez and his big mouth).
6-It's opposition fault, let's get those sifrinos once and for all
7-The missiones are good and we support the president
8-Let's eliminate the "rich" they are the source of all problems (Chavez and Chacon probably didn't like this one that much, since they are the new "riches" of the country. Only Cartier watches and the last model available)... uhmm
9-Create a new mision maybe? How about mision maisanta to regenerate criminals with looove? Because we looove Pres. Chavez, you know?

Opposition: People went to the strets and layed down as symbolism of the people who had died because of crime, for the Faddoul brothers, for the kidnapping and murder of Filippo Sindoni. One of the opposition leaders, Liliana Hernandez, said that they are claiming for the government to create real anti-crime policies. They didn't mention GWB.

Daniel has more pictures of the oppo event. Please don't miss one of the last ones, a little chavista board that says more or less (Daniel's translation: "Lay down for security while we... have 10 millions [votes] to push down your gullet [the Chavez extremely vulgar campaign theme]") In other words, "whatever... we will win the elections with 10 millions votes" (Hello? what does this protest has to do with politics? It tells you two things: a) How divided is the society in Venezuela. b) Chavistas can't care less about fixing the country). Chavez always mention that slogan, btw, (why he is so sure he will get 10 Mil votes? Because he has everything fixed already? (!) Why they care is not about making a possitive difference to their country, but to leave their mafia job in the government. That's why these people have to leave office.

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