Thursday, May 18, 2006

For the innocents souls who still think that everything is fine and dandy in Venezuela

* From The Devil Excrement Blog. Quote: "In another example of the fascism that is quickly overtaking our daily lives, Professor Carlos Zerpa of de Colegio Universitario Francisco de Miranda was being "orally tried" today for teaching in the classroom his views on the country's history which, horror of all horrors, differ from the "official" Bolivarian rewriting of the country's history."
(...) "In the words of Zerpa himself in his letter to the University before the "trial" to determine his fate began: "...It seems as if making people think, is a counter-revolutionary act. Making the students question things would appear to be also unacceptable. Promoting a student with a critical attitude would be offensive. When the lights of thinking begin to dim, we begin to enter a dark era that all educators have to fight, being faithful to their role as propagators of knowledge.""

Well, nothing new in here. I get harassed all the time on the internet because I dare to criticise Chavez's neofascist regime. And many other bloggers too. The best example these days? Alek Boyd being called a terrorist by the mayor of London. And why is that? Because of this. The guy is getting a lot of publicity and the chavista propaganda machine abroad is paying attention to it. (Congrats! Alek)

* The chavista regime insist into having the elections his way or the highway Stalin style in despite of the criticism of the opposition. Also from Miguel Octavio in his Devil Excrement blog. Read the whole article here.

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