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Well, well, well... seems that the law of silence has been broken among the top officials mafiosi of the Chavez "revolution of corruption". But hey, this is no clerk we are talking about. We are talking about a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE of the Venezuelan Judicial System who spilled some of the beans (I am sure there's more). See the problem? The Judicial system is corrupted to the core in the land of Mr. Fight-for-all-the-evils-of-the-world (Venezuela's King of social justice Hugo Chavez). Add to this putrid recipe the electoral council, completely taken over by chavistas, and what do you get? A country completely indefense to fight against these criminals, with a lot of petrodollars income coming daily (courtesy of the good'ol US of A's addiction to oil), taken over by Tony Soprano and gang, and they using this money to finance whatever your imagination can think of. How can Venezuela get rid of this level of putrefactions of their top institutions if we can't vote him out democratically under a transparent electoral process? I can't think about what will be the destiny of the country who saw me born if we don't tackle this issue once and for all. Chavistas and no chavistas have to union against this problem right now. Chavistas must open their eyes soon, pretty soon to the putrefaction of their party if they want to accomplish their revolution. But not this fake one, a real one who indeed will eliminate corruption with effective.

For the naive souls among the world who still today, May 28th 2006, really thinks Chavez is a nice guy who wants to fight the evilness of the world, I will recommend to please keep reading more about this scandal from fellow Venezuelan bloggers:

1. "The Justice, Luis Velásquez Alvaray, was none other than the writer, when he was an MVR Deputy, of the new Supreme Court Bill, which allowed Chavez to increase that Court by 12 members by simple majority. But curiously, that Bill also included the possibility of having the CMR suspend anyone from the Highest Court in the land if there were charges against him or her. Even more ironically, it was opposition Deputies who opposed this feature of the Bill, since it was then directed specifically at then Magistrate Franklin Arrieche, in revenge for him having written the majority opinion that said there was no coup in April 2002.

Velasquez Alvaray’s press conference was wide ranging, quite juicy and even included some taped conversations which he picked from what he called an “extensive collection of tapes.” The now suspended Magistrate was charged with a corruption accusation related to the construction of the new headquarters for the judicial system, named “Ciudad Lebrun”. There are charges of Velasquez Alvaray profiting from the purchase of the land, as well as kickbacks and bribes in the process of building the new headquarters of that “Judicial City”. Velasquez Alvaray took offense to the charges and the suspension, but reportedly he was told that he would not be suspended by the CMR. But he was."

Keep reading about this scandal on the "Devil's Excrement".

2. From Caracas Chronicles: "Among the minor jewels of yesterday's incendiary press conference, Velásquez Alvaray asked why there has been no investigation on the sudden wealth of a number of regime financiers, including Pedro Torres Ciliberto, Arné Chacón, Maikel Moreno and...wait for it...Julio Makarem. That's right, Mr. Makarem of North American Opinion Research fame, the guy who took out a giant full-page ad to threaten and intimidate Alek Boyd and the rest of us for writing about NAOR, is apparently one of the major regime money-men...and to think we doubted his polls!"

3. But previously this juicy conference, look the way chavismo fights corruption:

"The revolution is truly amazing. They have no morals and no ethics. They name as “Head of Government Contract , a new position supposedly to control corruption none other than Eliecer Otaiza, the former Head of Disip, Ince, Land Institute and whatever other positions he has had. This is the same guy who as he was appointed to each f his positions, went out and spent Government money to build himself a gym adjacent to his office. The same guy who signed memos requesting food and beverages out of Ince funds to give to Chavistas marchers. The same one that said Venezuelans should be armed!. The same guy who killed a lady that was riding with him in a police motorcycle at a time that he held no Government position, the evidence was changed and eventually he was charged, but magically the charges were dropped and he was named to a nw Government position." From the Devil's Excrement.

More about Otaiza: here (excellent but in spanish) and here. Yuck.

4. Do you want to know more about corruption in Venezuela? You want proof? Not enough? We are all pay by the CIA to spread bad news about Chavez? Keep reading my friend Miguel at his blog "The Devil's Excrement"

5. Too tired to read? Then listen a excellent commentary from Francisco Toro's Caracas Chronicles about the subject.

6. Daniel's take on "Venezuela News and Views".

7. Another recent corruption case: Jesus Caldera Infante.

8. Another older corruption case: The Barinas'sugar plant.

Mario Puzo couldn't write this revolution of gansters and plots better, neither Shakeaspeare. This is unbelievable.

PS Curiously, this scandal has passed completely under the table on chavista blogs, (Oil Wars, Justin Delacour's Latin America News Review, Venezuela Analysis only depicted the note that the justice was removed, no notes about his press conference which implicate everybody among the top chavismo in it). Of course, this cover up among the chavista media tell you the level of hypocrisy and state of denial these people live in. Why is the interest of these people to cover this corruption scandal among the chavismo? Shouldn't be the chavista supporters the ones with the voice aganist this? Don't they want they revolution to succeed? Don't we all Venezuelans, chavistas and no-chavistas want to eliminate corruption from Venezuela? Wasn't that one of the reasons people voted for Hugo Chavez the first time? So he could eliminate the corruption of the previous governments? And what has he done? Increase it to a level never seen on a country who was used to be corrupted. Just imagine.

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