Sunday, May 28, 2006

Venezuela MUST go back to manual voting procedures

Some food for though about today's Colombian elections:

"The very first thing worthy to comment from an observer placed in Venezuela is that the Colombian elections were manual, run without a hitch, polling stations closed on time, and within a couple of hours there were more than 90% of the manual votes counted, opposition candidates were conceding, the country was in order. Yes, that is right, no automated voting, no Smartmatic machines...

Meanwhile in Venezuela we are still waiting for the exact final result of the December election, we do have an abstention of at least 75% and growing and a general mistrust in the electoral system, even from some chavista sectors discretely murmuring in the dark."

From Daniel's blog.

I would like to see the next Venezuelan elections on this manner. Manual, no electronic hacking on the votes, fair, with chavistas AND opposition observers in each table, with civility, low profile, no planet of the apes military opression towards the civil population who is aganist Chavez. Is this too much to ask?

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