Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chavez's apologist threats Peruvian comedian Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez is a very funny and famous comedian in Peru. He became famous in Venezuela for his imitations of Hugo Chavez. Please scroll this video to minute 2:48 and watch a Chavista Venezuelan Journalist called Mario Silva, who works for the official government TV channel 8 VTV and has a shown called "La Hojilla", which is an apology of all the farts that Chavez make, asking himself how is it possible that "Peruvian authorities allows this type of sketch". WTF?? This comments simplify the mental shit that Chavistas think they are entitled. As you can see, Chavistas don't respect freedom of expression.

If you speak spanish and analize Alvarez's comedy, you can tell he is very sharp politically speaking. That's what enraged Mario Silva.

Contrary with this funny, but totally innocuous sketch from Venevision, a private Venezuelan TV channel. Very subtle Watson, so every idiot outhere can say oh no, there's no freedom of speech threat in Venezuela. Look at this video! Uhmmm

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