Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Fidel?

I just came across this video, it's about two young canadian film makers who are interested in research about "Cuba's communism "Domino Theory"...

For what I saw, they seems they are getting the two sides of "The revolucion", so that's good and fair. I can't wait to see it.

In their own words:

"Through a journey of two young film-makers. Mitch & Skot set out to explore if the spread of Cuba's communism "Domino Theory" has hit Venezuela. The Venezuelan President has claimed that his revolution is built around that of a Cuban Revolution and emulates himself after Fidel Castro. Will Hugo Chavez be the next Fidel Castro, will the US allow it, and will the two young film-makers get to the Next Fidel?

Their venture to find the truths of speculation and meet with Venezuela's President or the next Fidel? seem to be bigger than they anticipated. One of the film-makers being in a wheelchair make all the odds against the two even more interesting. Their struggle takes them from the skycrapers of New York City, to the slums of Caracas."

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