Thursday, June 22, 2006

Catholicism and Chavez

I have to say that many things don't shock me these days, but to find this chavista website it goes much more beyond a regular ahhh ohhh my Gooood, it is simply really sad. It doesn't seem like an official governmental chavista one, but still is a chavista site, a communist mind making fun of the Catholic SACRAMENT of confession. Probably some mente'pollo cualquiera with nothing else to do. Shame on them. In any case, this website can give you an idea of how the regular chavista wants to destroy religion, or simply is something that deserves to make fun of it. Not important at all.
Any idea who encourage people to disrespect Catholicism? Who calls Jesus "vergatario" in front of the national TV, on a Sunday morning? (translation of "vergatario" too xxx to say in here but it has a strong male sexual connotation). Who shows himself in front of the National TV with a palm cross bigger than life making us believe he is the most respectful christian of all?

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