Thursday, July 20, 2006

England bombed by the Nazis, 1941 - Beirut bombed by Israel, 2006

I defend Israel rights to defend itself against the terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah, but this agression to Lebanon has no name. Lebanon is not a religious state, not a totalitarian state, it is just a state like any other in the middle east, with the most multiplural community of the arab world, trying to balance all the actors of his country, and foreign elements, like the Iran-Syria-Shiite backed Hezbollah... Lebanon is not in the same situation of Palestine, a country with undefinded borders and a extreme government taken over by Hamas. Or maybe it is? I just don't see any excuse for the scope of this agression against the whole country of Lebanon. I mean, Israel knew this was a provocation of the axis of evil Iran-Syria-Shiite by his representative Hezbollah, why take it like this on Lebanon? Am I missing something in here? Anyone?

Israel is not acting in its right mind answering to this provocation like this. This is no good news for Israel.

I would quote John Boulton, "How you get a cease fire from a terrorist org anyway?". I don't know. Why destroy Lebanon? I just don't understand why a whole country has to pay this price.

Having said all of that, I am not totally sure of the scope of destruction in Lebanon, or what is exactly going on on there, you can't trust CNN, MSNBC or even FOX about fair reporting. Still...

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