Monday, July 17, 2006

The Margabel House affair

Nope, this is not a new Latin American novel by Isabel Allende. It should be the title of a new non-fiction book on why President Chavez is sitting ilegitimaly on Venezuela's presidential chair and the whole world is so very pleased seated eating popcorns while watching the movie of the ilegitit joker, arch-enemy of Bush and friends, playfully having his 15 min of fame in the court of the powerful ones.

Blogger Miguel Octavio once again had sticked his finger into Chavez's wound by posting this commentary by Gerver Torres. His legitimacy as president is very much in question and yet the idiotic Venezuelan opposition is not putting preassure in this matter Internationally. Que primarias ni que ocho cuartos when we have the necessary proof of Chavez's ilegitimacy in our hands? Am I missing something in here?

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