Wednesday, August 30, 2006

About golf courses expropriated in Caracas...

This whole golf business made me thinking why is that golf is an elitist business in Venezuela and not in developed countries. The answer is simple, municipalities of developed countries build golf courses for citizens and tourism and Venezuelan municipalities don't. Developed countries municipalities built tennis courses, little leagues, public pools, basketball courses, and whatever they think their citizens might enjoy in addition to basic necessities like schooling and health care. Somehow along the money trail, Venezuelan cities are left with no money to fix a whole in the street. And think about all the money that Venezuela is receiving for oil revenues.

No development but a big tab in external debt. In what Hugo Chavez is different than the big spender GW Bush? Not much. Only that the big spender from the US has to respond to a congress that he hasn't buy it all yet.

Seems that some politicians are not really interested in erase the "shanty town" mentality but to keep it handy when election time comes.

Not saying that those golf courses have to stay, maybe not, but to build housing on those green lungs of the already crowed city of Caracas doesn't seem like a good idea to me. We will see what will happen with this story that to me is another red cloth trown from the chavismo to the venezuelan opinion to divert the topic to the real important one: the elections.

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