Friday, September 01, 2006

Prologue to a war: Would history repeat itself?

You want to think it will, with softies Chamberlain-look-alikes like Kofi Annan (who should be in jail for the oil for food scandal) ruling the world's diplomacy against Iran's obsession to make a nuke, and use it (don't you ever think they will use it for energy). Question: Would history repeat itself? I very much doubt so. Hitler didn't get the nuke, Ahmadinejad will.

I am bringing back a cartoon (click on it for the original post) very relevant for today's UN failure against the nutcase of Iran.

Diplomacy hasn't gone too far since February. And seems as per today, the EU wants to talk. Maybe an angry letter, like the one Hans Blix sends to Kim Jong Ill in "Team America". I am afraid that in despite of the good will of those countries to keep the talk, it will be all a swirl of talks that woud lead to nowhere. What are we waiting? For a nuke to explote in our closest city?

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