Friday, September 01, 2006

Reza II talks

"Makabi: What do you make of Iran's latest nuclear proposal?

Pahlavi: The regime's response to [U.N.] Security Council Resolution 1696 was predictable, as it was simply a variation of double talk—a tactic they have now mastered to an art form. What does the regime's offer to "seriously talk" really mean? Will it seriously discuss its violations of human rights at home? Will it seriously discuss its patronage of regional militancy? I think not. [This] is a race against time. Will it get the bomb first, thereby bullying the world into appeasement, or will there be an actual convergence of domestic and international pressures [on the regime]?


Do you think the regime is close to collapse?

It is completely at odds with what the people of Iran stand for. There is a generational battle taking place. There is a flight of capital from Iran; the people of Iran are clear as to the consequences. They look at it as a whole—our country is going down and all of our resources are being badly managed by corrupt officials. The people of Iran are committed to putting an end to it. This regime will not survive—I have no doubt about that, but it should be at the hands of the Iranian people and not foreign intervention. Right now, we need to help the people help themselves."

Any coincidence with Venezuela? Unfortunately, we don't have a spoke person like Reza II.

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Thanks to Dr. Zin for the news.

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