Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Desperate Housewives, chavista version...

I wasn't gonna comment on the bizarre spectacle of obcenities and foul language than the chavista major of Caracas Juan Barreto ,directed to three other mayors who oppose chavismo, to a chavista packed crowd on a "communal council". But, how can I not talk about it??????? This is pure tropical Adolph Hitler! (and this is not a flattering thing to say, do you know that Hitler's followers only listened to him over the radio? You get the idea of my commentary. This guy has zero political skills).

Please check out Daniel's excellent detailed accounts on what happened yesterday. His post has no waste.

This is the spanish video of the major of Caracas' speech:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Quotes from the speech that no one cannot missed:

"... But we are here not to discuss more into those who will get to jail soon" Intimidating Mayor Capriles?

" We are here not to fight but we won't allowed verbal thuggery from a middle class who has become rotten and idioticized by money and who wants to take advantage of the confussed people" He was the only one talking. Nobody else did. Draw your conclusion on this one. Who was the one and only verbal thug of the evening my friends?

"... Because we have NO GOD and no Master" Really?

"... there won't be a space for fascism..." Ok very well, ... so... who is gonna tell him that?

" We are not afraid of anything, anything, not even death!" Cool. Good for them. I will be watching and taking notes.

" They like to intimidate the little red ridding hood..."
So here is when I started to suspect this guy must be into some chemical or something... what??

" The land cannot belong to anyone, this is as well as farming land as private property residential areas"
And who is the one who won't tolerate fascism?? Can I talk to the manager right now? There's a problem here.

"We will expropiate entire municipalities and they will become our concierges"
Ah!.... what did he say about the intolerant facism?

" ... Because we don't get into fraud when we are doing business and we have no money accounts abroad" Reallyyy?? I cannot prove that he has stolen money from the government but the life style of riches and famous that they cannot get with the salary they have is undeniable. Makes me thinks he is a lot into shady contracts. Plus, there's no one in Venezuela these days who can put the bell to the cats.

The mayors involved into the difamatory incident are deciding to sue. But my question is, what judge will do anything to a chavista since the whole country institutions are taking over by them, including the judicial system of course? I guess it is just a moral precedent to set and nothing else.

At the end of this event, guess what?? The chavista crowd as I believe the same mayor decided to spit over the opposition mayors.

In regards of Barreto
threatens to seize a "whole municipality".

Well my friends, as you know, the chavismo say that have no God but they have one, and its called MONEY and POWER. For this tropical version of Jabba The Hutt to come and say that they don't have stolen money dollars account abroad and they don't get into shady business it's almost funny to hear. And then he top it with the expropiating everybody and they will become our concierges? Yeah, right. he is not into that. I hear you. This is more sad than funny, since we are talking about the destruction of a whole country.

This is funny to me, and hopefully funny to many Venezuelans, including Chavistas, who only see this loony attempt of speech as bad politics. But what about the people whose eyes shined when they heard that he will expropiate residential land from the others and they will serve them as our janitors? My concern of course is the harm that this hate speech will do in chavista followers. I hope I can read any good critic from the smart chavismo, if still is around. For somebody to come with a speech like this, his heart is full of envy, and it brings hate. And the same way people can spread love to others, they can also spread hate. Nothing good will come from this. I am very sad for the fate of Venezuela. This is very sad and very serious. And very irresponsible from him, who we all know, of course, he was just trying to give a good political speech. Well, I hope he understands that he is not a good politician by now.

More on this from Miguel here and here and the Suffolk Journal.

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