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While Chavez continues his world tour, his best friend from Peru gets charged...

Charged with human rights crimes. Tell me who is your friend, and I tell you what kinf of person you are... They all look they swimm on the same pound, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Ollanta, the Zimbawe's Butcher, Fidelito... and etc. Chavez is on a world tour, now in China, asking for a seat on the UN National Security council, among other things. He might be buying whatever shit the Chinese will pull out the box, like 18 oil tankers. (why he has to buy anything if the chinese are the interested party into getting this oil?? Am I missing something in here? Venezuela have a lot of closer clients to spend in tankers for the chinese).

Ollanta Humala formally charged in 'Madre Mia' case

Ollanta HumalaArturo Campos Vicente, district attorney of Tocache, has finally decided to formally press penal charges against Peru's ex-presidential candidate and retired Army commander Ollanta Humala Tasso related to the events at Madre Mia in 1992.

Humalla is accused of being responsible for the forced disappearance and homicide of spouses Avila Rivera and Benigno Sullca Castro. He is also charged for the crimes of torture and attempted murder of Jorge Avila Rivera.

Official charges were filed on Monday, August 14, 2006, before the Fourth Provincial Court presided by Limean judge Miluska Cano, receiving the judicial registration number "25-06". Further court proceedings and Humala's possible arrest are now in the hands of the judge.

According to the denunciation, the crimes were committed on June 17, 1992 in Pucayacu, ten minutes away from Madre Mia.

The house of Avila Rivera and Benigno SullcaAvila and Benigno Sullca were forcefully removed from their house - in the presence of their five children - by soldiers from the Madre Mia Military Base, commanded at the time by “Captain Carlos”, official pseudonym of Ollanta Humala Tasso.

Five days later the couple was extrajudicially executed. Sullca's body was found on June 24 in the Huallaga river with a bullet wound on his forehead and stab wounds on his chest.

Jorge Avila Rivera, the mother's brother, had also been "captured" on the same day. After being tortured for several days he managed to escape on his presumed day of execution.

The case remained out of the spotlight until January 2006 which marked the beginning of the presidential election campaign. Relatives of the victims recognized the political newcomer's face on campaign posters and in the mass media as being the same anonymous “Captain Carlos” who commanded the Military Base in Madre Mia in 1992 and under whose orders the operation was carried out.

Although his defense lawyers insist that nothing would link Humala to the crimes, it is known that district attorney Arturo Campos was able to gather sufficient evidence.

The victim's sister Teresa Avila and district attorney Arturo CamposThe victim's sister Teresa Avila remembered exact details of a conversation with “Captain Carlos”, a.k.a. Ollanta Humala, on June 24, 1992, at the Madre Mia base. She demanded the liberation of her relatives but he denied. Teresa then chose to denunciate the fact in a written complaint sent to the International Red Cross. This document is now part of the evidence file created for the case.

However, at the beginning of July Jorge Avila Rivera, surviving victim and considered a key witness, rescinded his original statement under mysterious circumstances. He reiterated the tortures and murders but he can no longer confirm that Humala was without a doubt responsible.

Earlier this year, on February 19, Jorge Avila declared that a bribe had been offered to him to assure his silence. Back then Avila told the "Gestion" newspaperin that he had declined because he “cannot pardon that person”.

Judicial sources indicate that during the last weeks of his investigation, district attorney Campos was able to find two additional witnesses. Obviously their statements must have played a major role in the decision to officially file charges. Nevertheless, it is now up to Judge Cano to consider the presented evidence as sufficient for opening the lawsuit or rule for a dismissal.

(Source: La Republica)

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