Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is Hugo Chavez Antisemitic?

Venezuela was once a clever (that's what we believed) country (full of crooks) whose primary affair was to sell oil and keep its clients happy, and always took neutrality on worldy affairs. I remeber growing up my dad telling us that Venezuela was such a blessed country, with kids rencauchados from all over the world, (meaning a immigrant based mixed kids from many countries and religions, coming from all colors and sizes), like us, and thay we represented the future of the world, that we didn't hate each other because of race and religion, and that we can have neighbors with different backgrounds and live in peace, and that many countries of the world didn't have that luxury. I never thought of Venezuelans but Venezuelans. To be Venezuelan was more important than to be Venezuelan-African, or Venezuelan-Portuguese, or Venezuelan-Italian, Venezuelan-Iranian or Venezuelan-Lebanese (I am making fun of the americans here who like to classified themselves like we they are not all but americans to the rest of the world-other people would said north-americans). And I was so proud that we were more civilized than the civilized world (that's what I thought). I thought my dad was exagerating when he said that people hated each other in other countries.

Well, time has passed, and I am not a kid anymore, unfortunately, and this peaceful happy little country still is full of crooks, but now the head of the band of crooks is a very controversial angry head of state who likes to make divisions among people of his own country. Called by his own friend and UN ambassador "boss of a band of delinquents, with a sick mind, murdered to the whole extend of the word, paranoic, sick of power and possessed by a historic task of destroying and murderer Venezuelans", go figure, well, this man is playing with fire.

Venezuelan fellow blogger Daniel from Venezuela News and Views is following the trail of a very important anti-semitic behavior of Hugo Chavez and the band of Chavistas of the government. An attitude that is completely contrary to the neutral idiosyncrasy of the Venezolano(*). Quote from Daniel: "This blogger has reported on that long ago and got quite a lot of flack for it. But I am being vindicated as the days pass. No the question is not how anti Semitic Chavez is but how much is he willing to act on it." Exactly, in spanish we have a name for this, he feels "guapo y apoyado", in english, he thinks he is "The Untouchable", almost on a funny way to act like this. Remeber high school there always was this arrogant guy, who knew it all and talked to much? And on top of everything else, he though it was funny to be like that? I feel the man is really behaving like a 15 year old with a testosterone bravado behaviour. Now, ask yourself, who is behind this man that he thinks he can act like this? Is he power driven mad? Very probably. Because the man is not loaded with power but he is loaded with money also (tons of it to be precise) and he is the big spender everywhere he goes. I dunno, but this is getting far more scary than a bunch of crooks stealing money from the government and cooking elections to their taste with their little electronic machines.

What is he looking after?

I don't understand what he wants to do. Not even Fidel, who we all know what he is capable of, is getting outhere with the antisemtism like Chavez is doing.

To me, it's all about "divide and conquer" policy, he need to distract the attention from other more important Venezuelan affairs, like the electoral council been taken over by chavismo and the impossibility of having fair elections in the country right now... he is leading Venezuela to a path of division and hatred that we will regret for a number of years to come. This behavior, might explode in his face and all us Venezuelans for that matter.

(*) To Edgar if he is reading: Remember the morality discussion that we had the other day? Well, I guess I have to agree with you now, this is far worse than anything seen in Venezuela.

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