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Hugo Chavez not only antisemitic but scientologist too??

Ding, ding, ding! For the first time in my life I agree to a chavista post to the letter. Needless to say, I totally subscribe with Mrs. Schmitt commentary. Maybe Mrs. Schmitt knows better the deep shit that scientology can bring to a country since it's banned in Germany, where I suspect she is coming from. Please link the title of this post to get all the links that the original article offers.

On Sunday, August the 6th, Ruddy Rodriguez called Mr. Chavez on his talk show "Aló Presidente", and after a little chit chat that ended in one "Adios, my reina" from Chavez (Good bye my queen), the rumor is that Hugo I has given her scientology foundation 5,ooo mil of Bolivares. HELLOOOOO??????

Venezuela: Infiltration of Education and Tourism ministries by Scientology?

University de Los Andes (ULA) lecturer Jutta Schmitt writes: Between the sessions of January 29 to February 13, 2006, of our Bolivarian Circle of Studies "El Momoy" in Chiguara, Merida State, we have been compelled to investigate the subject of the appearance in Venezuela, of a brochure named "The Road to Happiness," written by the founder of the "Church of Scientology ," L. Ronald Hubbard, and edited and distributed in Venezuelan territory by the Ministry Of Education in tandem with the National Guard.

The first thing that we have found is, that the mentioned brochure is part of a project named "Parcel of Ethics and Integrity," consisting of eight books and acquirable for the modest price of 426 dollars with 75 cents, that contains, among others, an Introduction to Scientology's ethics, as informed by the web page of the Worldwide Institute of Enterprises of the Scientology or "World Institute of Scientology Enterprises."

Whoever wants to only acquire the very "Road to Happiness" in hard cover, will have to pay nothing more than 43 dollars with 75 cents, and whoever wants to get this "moral code of common sense" in its simple brochure version and has not been lucky enough that the Ministry Of Education or the National Guard had given it to him/her as a present, will obtain it anyway almost given away, that is, for 17 dollars with 50 cents a dozen.

The entity that manages the ultimate wisdom in Scientology here in Venezuela, is the "Road to Happiness" Foundation , whose most emblematic representative is the Venezuelan actress Ruddy Rodriguez, who seems to constitute the link between the Foundation and the Venezuelan State's entities, like the Ministry Of Education and Ministry of Tourism, that dictate workshops on ethics and moral values with the backing of the same foundation under the coordination of Ruddy Rodriguez

In relation to her activities and encounters with president Chavez, we have found out that Rodriguez affirms the following: " I am one of the representatives of the Road to Happiness Foundation that has seat at almost 28 countries in the world. We take workshops of culture, values sampling, we visit jails. Last year I was in Central America with several first ladies. ... I am going to tell that I have seen Hugo Chávez only three times in my life. The first time, during a public activity in a baseball game. The second time it did was a private one. I attended Miraflores' Palace because of my work in the Road to Happiness Foundation . The last time it was also public at The International Fair of Tourism in Venezuela "

In order to know what the Scientology Organization says about itself, we have looked at its web page and have found an article entitled "What does Scientology does for society?," in which they affirm that the Scientology Church's members are dedicated to programs of social improvement and that they provide help in a large number of activities in all of society. In these programs and activities they are using the discoveries and the technology of L. Ronald Hubbard with the object of "remedying conflicts or disorders, improving communication, solving problems in studying, to restore personal integrity, and even managing failure practically in each aspect of life. We could imagine, that the latter asseveration should sound especially tentative for the ears of the stricken Venezuelan opposition, that come from a social class wealthy enough to pay the cost of the "parcel of ethics and integrity" mentioned above.

Later on the same page they inform the reader, that: " the Road to Happiness Foundation dedicates itself to restore confidence and honesty by publishing and by widespread distribution of The Road to Happiness, a guide of common sense for a better life. Anywhere that it appears, the publication acts like a tranquilizing oil on turbulent waters, reducing crime, reestablishing understanding and promoting peace. From 1981 onwards, a total of 61 million small books in 95 countries and in 35 languages has been distributed, including 1,75 million issues distributed in Israel and Palestine " ( which evidences a considerable failure as to the drawn objectives, you might want to add... )

When examining more deeply this "tranquilizing oil" on turbulent waters, specially in the very context of what the Scientology Institution is, we have found the following, based on a report of intelligence, emitted by The State Office of Protection of the Constitution of the German's Federal State of Baden Württemberg, dated July 2003.

The founder of the Scientology Organization was the American Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986), a science-fiction author little successful in the 40s.

It is known that after having rendered his services in the US Marine Corps he asked for psychotherapeutic treatment where he familiarized himself with Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis and its scientific method. Part of the Freudian doctrine combined with other psychological concepts became the constituent elements of a method for psychological manipulation, published by Hubbard in 1950 in a book entitled "Dianetics --the Modern Science of Mental Health," where he affirms that with his method he can free the world from all its ailments namely war, crime, illness and even poverty.

In the subsequent years after the publishing of his "Dianetics," Hubbard widened his doctrine with elements from different fields, i.e. reincarnation, science-fiction, conspiracy theories and history of salvation conceptions. In 1954, Hubbard founded the first "Church of Scientology" with a considerable prestige exempt from paying taxes by pretending to be a non-profit religious organization. In the following years Hubbard had the perception that he and his "church" were progressively surrounded by enemies.

In 1978, a French court sentenced a charge of fraud against Hubbard, and after his death in January, 1986, "scientiologists" from different countries still came into conflict with the law because of their anti-ethical practices of circulation of their doctrine and because of many criminal activities. However, under the tough direction of the new president of the organization, David Miscavige, the organization of Scientology could evolve into a network including "churches," businesses and other organizations.

About Scientology's doctrine as such and according to the above-mentioned intelligence report, we have been able to notice that there is a "theoretical" body with more than twenty thousand pages about methods and techniques for "social management" by "scientiologists," whose essence consists in establishing a rigid system of mental control. By means of a strict review and rigid methods of discipline every individual is assigned with a determined "ethical state" by some kind of "personal statistics."

* The ethical states cover a whole range and spread from the positive state, or "high" states, described as "power" or "wealth" to negative states or "low" states described as "enemies" or "treason."

The members of the organization with "high statistics" ("Upstats") are individuals of prestige that are always right, while the members with "low statistics" ("Downstats") are weak individuals that must be punished severely. The organization of Scientology claims that they can manage and control political and even whole States at government level in an effective and optimum manner, under a totalitarian scope that operates with Social Darwinian conceptions.

In this sense, and within the conception of Scientology:

1. the salvation of humanity depends on the right application of "technology," this is, on the scientiologists' mental healing method;

2. before Scientology was born, human being wasn't able to develop any useful spiritual method;

3. the Scientologists are the only truly ethical group that exists in the world;

4. all non-scientologists are abhorred individuals, in other words, are simply riffraff;

5. Scientology is the only chance left to rescue mankind.

However, looking deeper into the very method or "technology" employed by the Scientology organization to heal the minds of their members, we have been able to note that among the most important methods are "auditing," "security checks," training routines and many learning techniques like "words clearing," which is a re-definition and re-invention of the terms in the language scientologists use. "Auditing" is the key method of the Organization of Scientology with which it has the intention to create a "new man."

By auditing they intend to accomplish the total eradication of unwanted feelings, fears and psychosomatic ailments, accompanied by an increase in the human "performance." By auditing they want to build, gradually, a perfect society, a cleared State and a new civilization with almost perfect human beings, named the "Clears."

According to Hubbard's theory human being consists of a body, an intellect and an immortal spiritual entity named "Thetan."

Every human being has some kind of "analytical intellect," comparable to a computer and in charge of solving problems, but it too has a "reactive intellect," that hurdles the proper functioning of human being and in which are recorded all traumatic experiences in life, named "engrams."

The "engrams" are the cause of the aberrations, this is, they constitute pathological deviations of the normal and correct behavior. According to Hubbard all human beings are being dominated by their "reactive intellect" while they have not been "cleared" by "scientologic methods," and that's why all non-scientologists are always an aberration that pose a potential danger for all mankind.

By means of auditing, they hintend to eliminate the "engrams" by conscious reanimation of past experienced traumas, in order to relieve psychological stress. Only in that way the elimination of the "reactive intellect" can be achieved and therefore the creation of an intrinsically "good and cleared" human being.

The scale of the clearing process ends with a state named "Operating Thetan" (OT) while the road that leads toward that perfect state is named "the bridge toward full freedom." According to Hubbard, an "Operative Thetan," who enjoys all his/her unlimited intellectual and moral power, has superhuman qualities.

* The different scales of auditing (named "rundowns") can cost from four thousand to seventeen thousand dollars each, depending on the grade on the scale.

Besides, and according to the intelligence reports mentioned above, the very auditing consists of a mixture of interrogations and psychological and hypnotic techniques made by the "auditor" in order to clear his/her "patient's" mind. During auditing, the "patient" is connected to an "e-meter" or skin resistance gage, better known as "lies detector." The interrogation of the "patient" includes speaking about "taboo" subjects like his/her sexuality and any secret saved inside his/her psyche, as well as coercion to reveal the identity of people whom they trust, which leads to a total and full transparency not just of the "patient" in question, but also his/her social personal environment as well. The transparency obtained in the auditing sessions make the "patients" highly vulnerable and potentially "bribable" individuals.

The meticulous record of the interrogations in the form of uncountable minutes reveals, moreover, a data collecting and storing activity by the Organization of Scientology that would turn green with envy any government spying and intelligence organism operating in the world.

According to the same intelligence report that we have consulted, Hubbard, in a lecture about the foundations of "auditing" speaks about the possibilities of exerting political power by it, and encourages the auditors to lose all their restrictions in order to investigate the most intimate secrets of their "patients" mercilessly. Hubbard starts from the assumption that only the "transparent man" can lead us to the road toward an absolutely conflict-free society.

* By auditing Scientology tries to exert a total control on its members by obtaining some kind of "psychological X-ray plate" of every one of them.

Finally, and in the merely political field, the main goal of the Organization of Scientology is to establish a civilization free of mental diseases, without criminals and without war, in which only the able men may succeed and only honest people can be right. This new civilization corresponds to a society without any conflict. Every individual existing on Earth must subordinate itself to this ultimate goal. Whoever shows a critical position toward Scientology is being labeled as a "mental case" or a "criminal" one. Scientology claims that it has the absolute truth in its hands, and therefore it understands any criticism as an attack on its essence and on its very reason for existence. Scientology suggests that it can "revolutionize" all social fields by means of a wide supply of so-called therapeutic possibilities. Behind its therapeutic program, non-political apparently, it is hiding its goal to achieve political power with an aggressive and anti-democratic program.

In an "orientation letter" exclusively addressed to the leaders within the organization, and re-published after his death under the management of David Miscavige, Hubbard identifies the following 7 program targets:

1. To discredit the enemy to the point of ruining it;
2. To take control of or to gain the loyalty of high placed executives or media owners;
3: To take control of or to obtain the loyalty of well-known key politicians;
4. To take control of or to obtain the loyalty of those who monitor international finances;
5. To revitalize, as a whole, the societies in which the organization operates;
6. To obtain an overwhelming public support for its own cause;
7. To win over similar groups as allies.

In the face of this catalog we ascertained, that most of the goals described here fully match with the modus operandi of the CIA worldwide, especially concerning its low intensity war activities and its discrediting campaigns against governments determined as "being hostile" toward US "national security interests".

Moreover, Hubbard was able to develop a "Special Plan of Decisive Infiltration" in times of political crisis, to achieve specific objectives: "To name an example, imagine that a group in a society begins to lose its political base. Insist, then, in locating their leaders. Obtain a waged position as a secretary or chief of staff of the leader of that group. Then make auditing at any cost. One more example: Every nation or state works based on the capabilities of their ministers, governors or local leaders. It is easy to obtain a position in those fields. Don't waste your time trying to be elected. Obtain a position as a collaborator of the secretary or as a bodyguard; take advantage of any of your available talents to obtain a seat close to an important person, insist in working in the corresponding environment and make it work better. Never ask for permission. Just join these groups. If we were revolutionaries, this communique would be a highly sensitive document."

(Cited in the above mentioned intelligence report of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Baden Württemberg, Germany.)

In another orientation communique, Hubbard demanded the conquest, at every cost, of key positions by Scientology members, and an invasion in every field of action within society. The Organization of Scientology follows a double strategy to win the loyalty of politicians and to influence the legislative power: "Actions to take: To exert governments by continuous pressure to create legislation favorable to Scientology, to discourage any anti-Scientology legislation or the legitimacy of groups adverse to Scientology. To take action in favor of the formation of a pro-Scientology government presupposes that scientologists become friends of influentable people that hold high posts within the government, to locate scientologists within their personal and working environment." (ibidem)

We recall, within this context, and concerning Venezuela, that Ruddy Rodriguez, acting as a scientologist and as a representative of "The Road to Happiness Foundation," seems to have won the loyalty or sympathy of the ministries of education and tourism, or at last of high officials within those ministries; we have deduced this from the fact of the distribution of the scientologists' moral code and the carrying out of workshops concerning the same subject, promoted by the "Road to Happiness Foundation" together with the Venezuelan ministries of education and tourism.

Concerning the organizational structure of Scientology worldwide we have found many sob-organizations taking part in it, all of them operating inside a hierarchical structure whose center of power is the "Religious Technology Center" (CTR) in Los Angeles, USA. Apart from its public facade which is the institution of a "church" and that operates together with a series of organizations of social "reform" or "aid."

Scientology has many little known organizations like an own intelligence service named "Office of Special Affairs," aimed to monitor, discredit, fight and silence the critics towards its organization. Besides, there is some kind of paramilitary organization to educate militant chiefs named "Sea Org" (which operates inside and from ships), with the mission to break any resistance against the global expansion of Scientology.

Finally, Scientology has a spearhead in the business world, aimed at gaining high executives in the fields of economy and finances worldwide, the so called "WISE," World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.

About its penetration or infiltration of the business world, maybe the most controversial and known case is the Executive Software enterprise, who belongs to the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, who made a software component for Windows 2000 with potential spying abilities, being a "defragmentation" program with access to all data of any hard disk in which Windows 2000 is installed.

Confronted with such a reality, obtained through the reading and study of many documents on the Internet, we, in our scientific and philosophic Bolivarian study group have asked ourselves once more: how it is possible that the Venezuelan education and tourism ministries are promoting, through brochures and workshops, the "cause" of Scientology instead of promoting the so necessary revolutionary consciousness to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution and to defend it against so many ideological deviations that currently are inflicting profound spiritual damage?

In our way of acting and thinking the very last things we need at this moment are "Operative Thetans"; what we truly need are conscious revolutionaries, who know where they are standing, what are the dangers we are facing in 2006 (among others the infiltration of stupid things like Scientology), and how to confront them successfully.

Let the people responsible for in the ministries of education and tourism speak!

Jutta Schmitt

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