Thursday, August 10, 2006

This brave new world...

Items banned aboard planes in Britain
By The Associated Press Thu Aug 10, 10:18 AM ET

Security measures in place Thursday at British airports in response to thwarted terror plot:

Prohibited items in airline cabins:

• All liquids, except medicine and baby formula verified as authentic.

• Food bought at airport.

• Handbags.

• All electrical and battery-powered items, including laptop computers, mobile phones and iPods.

• Electric key fobs.

• Wheelchairs, except those provided by airport.

Items permitted in cabin, carried in clear plastic bag:

• Pocket-size wallets and purses containing money, ID and credit cards.

• Passports and tickets.

• Prescription medicine and medical items.

• Glasses and sunglasses, but not cases.

• Contact lens holders, but not lens solution.

• Baby formula and milk, but contents of each bottle must be tasted by passenger.

• Diapers, wipes, creams for infants.

• Tampons, sanitary napkins and tissues, but not boxes.

• Keys.


What's gonna be the next step of the world? Should we need to chemichaly control this wackos á la Aldous Huxley so the civilized ones can live peacefully?

Thruthfully thanks to MI5 and CIA to undercover this plot.

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