Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sargent Tim Boggs's letter to the NYT

From Fox news.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In response to The New York Times' decision to publish top secret information regarding how the government tracks financial transactions of terrorists, Sergeant Timothy Boggs wrote the following letter to The Times:

"Mr. Keller,

What ceases to amaze me about your paper is the lengths you are willing to go to make headlines and sell papers. Who cares if those headlines help the enemies of America, you guys are making money and that is what it is all about in the end right?

Your recent decision to publish information about a classified program intended to track the banking transactions of possible terrorists is not only detrimental to America but also to its fighting men and women overseas. I know because I am a sergeant in the army on my second tour to Iraq. As I am sure you don’t know because you aren’t in Iraq, and I am sure never will be, terrorism happens here everyday because there are rich men out there willing to support the everyday terrorist who plants bombs and shoots soldiers just to make a living. Without money terrorism in Iraq would die because there would no longer be supplies for IEDs, no mortars or RPGs, and no motivation for people to abandon regular work in hopes of striking it rich after killing a soldier.

Throughout your article you mention that, "the banking program is a closely held secret," but the cat is out of the bag now isn’t it. Terrorists the world over can now change their practices because of your article. For some reason I think that last sentence will bring you guys pleasure. You have done something great in your own eyes-you think you have hurt the current administration while at the same time encouraging "freedom fighters" resisting the imperialism of the United States. However, I foresee a backlash coming your way. I wish I had a subscription to your paper so I could cancel it as soon as possible. But alas, that would prove a little tough right now since I am in Iraq dealing with terrorists financed by the very men you are helping.

Thank you for continually contributing to the deaths of my fellow soldiers. You guys definitely provide a valuable service with your paper. Why without you how would terrorists stay one step ahead of us? I would love to hear a response as to why you deemed revealing this program a necessity, but that will probably come as soon as the government decides to finally put you guys behind bars where you belong.

Sg.Tim Boggs"

Gee, I shouldn't be surprized of the NYT but I am... First, publishing classified information that compromised the American soldiers this way in war times? I mean one thing is that they can and should be very critical of the president, and they can or not support this war, but, to help the enemy this way is a no-no by all accounts. I's not responsible. Makes me think that they are really working for foreign interest, who knows who has stake on the NYT stocks these days. Second, and on top of everything, they didn't have the decency to post this letter. Cowards.

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