Friday, August 18, 2006

Stargate Sg-1 hits its 200 episode!

Not many shows have come to make a 100 episode, much less, a 200 episode.

Reasons I love this show:

1) Major Carter is the smart one, and she doesn't have to have a romance with Col. O'Neil (now General) to be her equal in the show. She is pretty but she is not a babe. Meaning that she is were she is not because she is a seducer but she is a brain.

2) The show makes fun of everything and everybody, including themselves, politicians, the government, and the same sci-fi genre. It has a funny, light attitude, to the contrary to Battlestar Galactica, another show I love to watch, with more important actors (Eduard James Olmos) but with a much, much serious vibe.

3) I love the "conspiracy theory" stories with Col. Mayborne, Col. Simmons, Sen. Kinsey and the NID (a fictional shadow inteligence agency with questionable accountability). So it's not all about gray aliens and out of word stuff.

4) You can always get a good story eventhough some shows, specially the oldies, are not too advanced in CGI and the costumes of the aliens look like granny made them. And the super-villian (Apophis) who look like Prince in the earlier seasons? He he...

5) Great cast chemistry.

6) I love O'Neil character played by Richard Dean Anderson.

7) Col. Mitchell is filling O'Neil's shoes pretty well.

8) Stupidly funny and entretaining without showing too much blood and the "yo, muthefucka" speech.

It will air today Friday, Aug. 18, 2006, at 9/8C on SCI FI.

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